Detroit Lions LB Jack Campbell says he was ‘nervous’ in first NFL game

Jack Campbell spoke to reporters following his first preseason game with the Detroit Lions and he talked about how he needs to improve.

The selection of Jack Campbell by the Detroit Lions as the No. 18 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft may have initially turned heads, but Campbell's performance during training camp, and in his first preseason game has been a good sign. Post-game, Campbell reflected on his initial jitters and the realization of his NFL dreams.

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Detroit Lions LB Jack Campbell says he was ‘nervous' in first NFL game

Acknowledging some pre-game nerves, he confidently conveyed his eagerness to continue growing and enhancing his skillset.

“It's a surreal feeling,” Campbell said in the locker room. “I was literally just talking to my family the other day about that. I've always dreamt of being in this position, and now it's here. And, to get the first one under my belt, I think I was a little, a tiny bit nervous coming into this. But, now, I've got the first one. Now, I'm just ready to roll. Just keep improving week in and week out.”

Campbell candidly shared areas he believes warrant attention, emphasizing refining his approach in the run game, bettering his communication, and perfecting his technique.

“I feel like today I was playing pretty aggressive in the run game. So, just kind of being patient in that aspect. But also, just cleaning up some communication stuff. Cleaning up some technique stuff. And, that's something I'm always going to work on, especially for me, my pad level. But also, just stepping out there and as a rookie, just having confidence in yourself and playing play in and play out. And, that's what I'm kind of focusing on right now.”

Why it Matters

As with all rookies, the road ahead for Campbell might have its bumps, but his commitment and evident potential signal a promising future as an integral part of the Detroit Lions‘ defense for the seasons to come.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jack Campbell shines in his first NFL appearance, reflecting his potential.
  2. Despite his commendable debut, Campbell eyes growth areas like enhanced communication, run game approach, and precise technique refinement.
  3. His initial performance and commitment foreshadow a crucial role within the Detroit Lions' defense in upcoming seasons.

Bottom Line – From Draft Surprise to Defensive Dynamo

All said and done, the narrative surrounding Jack Campbell has swiftly shifted from draft surprise to one of promise and potential. His inaugural NFL game showcased more than just his skill; it spotlighted his determination, drive, and dedication. Campbell's vision for continuous self-improvement and his genuine passion for the game suggest he’s not just here to play but to make an indelible mark. As the 2023 season approaches, the Detroit Lions community, and indeed the NFL at large, should keep a keen eye on this budding star, poised to illuminate the league.