Detroit Lions Legend Herman Moore Provides Advice for Jameson Williams

Herman Moore Provides Advice for Jameson Williams: The Detroit Lions legend has some tips for the youngster.

Detroit Lions Legend Herman Moore Provides Advice for Jameson Williams

With many opinions flying around regarding the trajectory of Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams, one voice of experience stood out. Herman Moore, a legend who dedicated a decade to the Lions, recently shed light on what it takes to flourish as an NFL wide receiver. According to Moore, while Williams is unmistakably talented, success in the NFL demands continuous growth.

Herman Moore Provides Advice for Jameson Williams

What Herman Moore Said

Moore voiced his insights on Twitter, highlighting Williams’ potential to emerge as an NFL star, emphasizing the imperative of transferring college-level success to NFL benchmarks. Moore noticed Williams’ altered catching technique, pivoting from hand catching to body catching. He suggests that Williams should trust his hands, emphasizing the increased confidence and on-field advantages that come with it.

“I had the chance to chop it up with @MicroMike85 today on @LionsNationU to talk about what I see from Jameson Williams. Now, I'm going off limited looks since I can only watch what's on tape, but what I see is a player with NFL star potential. But it will not be automatic.”

“Williams was clearly a top talent when he was drafted and I don't think anyone is denying that,” Moore tweeted. “Now it's whether he can take that same talent that allowed him to succeed at the college level and transfer it to the NFL star standards.”

“One thing I see is that he's been catching the ball with his body after being a trusted hands catcher in college. This isn't surprising since he is a second-year player who has had limited time on the field due to injuries.”

“Trusting using his hands will create separation and make him a bigger target in tight coverage. There is an entirely different level of confidence that comes with that trust in your hands.”

“When he's down the field, he's going to have plays with DBs draped over him. If he's waiting for the ball to come to his body, it can easily be knocked out versus extending his arms to catch with his hands.”

“I’m also curious to see how putting on a little more size would impact his game. I don't think it would compromise too much speed while adding to his physical ability and confidence.”

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Why it Matters

As for the future, the Lions eagerly await the adaptability of Williams after he recovers from a hamstring injury and serves his six-game suspension. With the wealth of wisdom Moore possesses, there’s an indication he might be considering aiding Williams in his journey forward.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Herman Moore, a Detroit Lions legend, recently shared insights about Jameson Williams, highlighting his potential to shine in the NFL.
  2. Moore pinpointed Williams' shift from hands catching during his college years to body catching in the NFL, emphasizing the importance of the former for achieving NFL success.
  3. Amidst the challenges Williams faces, including a hamstring injury sidelining him in the preseason and an upcoming six-game suspension, Moore's wisdom presents an opportunity for mentorship and guidance, which could be pivotal for Williams’ trajectory in the sport.

Bottom Line: Success in the NFL – A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Moore's perspective is invaluable, not just because of his impressive career with the Lions but because he understands the tricky journey from being a promising rookie to a seasoned NFL star. For a young talent like Williams, the transition from college to the NFL is never smooth. Moore's emphasis on techniques, like using hands for catching, goes beyond just skills. It's about adaptability, confidence, and growing into the NFL mold. With potential mentorship from an experienced player like Moore, Williams might just have a solid blueprint to navigate his challenges.