Detroit Lions ‘Most Iconic’ play of all-time recreated on Tecmo Super Bowl [Video]

Detroit Lions ‘Most Iconic’ play of all-time recreated on Tecmo Super Bowl [Video]

Regardless of your age, if you are into sports video games, you have likely heard of the greatest football game ever created, Tecmo Super Bowl.

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The game was originally created for the Nintendo Entertainment System and I cannot tell you how many hours of my life (when I was younger) were invested in that game alone.

Barry Sanders had the most-iconic play in Detroit Lions history

Anyways, as I was browsing YouTube last night, I went down a Tecmo Super Bowl rabbit hole and I stumbled across an absolute gem that was recently created by Kyle Mac (@KyleMcVideo on Twitter).

The video is titled, “Every NFL Team’s MOST ICONIC Play Ever Re-Lived in Tecmo Super Bowl” and it features exactly what the title says, the most iconic play from every NFL team.

You can probably imagine how excited I got and then how quickly I pushed the ‘play’ button so I could find out which play was recreated for my beloved Detroit Lions.

As I watched throw some of the iconic plays, including Kurt Warner‘s TD pass to Larry Fitzgerald in Super Bowl XLIII against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and William “Refrigerator” Perry‘s 1-yard TD run against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

So, what Lions play would make the cut? I have to admit, I was starting to get a bit antsy but then the 7:10 mark in the video finally came along and I saw the Detroit Lions helmet appear on my MacBook screen.

That’s when I found out that the play which was chosen for the Lions took place in the 1991 NFC Divisional Playoff game vs. the Dallas Cowboys. If you are a Lions fan, you know exactly which play I am talking about and that is Barry Sanders‘ amazing 47-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

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First, check out the actual play just in case you cannot visualize every moment of it in your head like I still can.

And now for the Tecmo Super Bowl version of Barry’s iconic run against the Cowboys:


Huge props to @KyleMcVideo for allowing us all to re-live Barry’s iconic run against the Cowboys in the Lions’ only playoff win since winning the NFL Championship in 1957.


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