Detroit Lions named as destination for Josh Jones

Detroit Lions named as destination for Josh Jones: Do not be surprised at all if the Lions make this happen.

Detroit Lions named as destination for Josh Jones

Amidst the backdrop of a rapidly changing NFL landscape, a rising trade rumor is making waves in the Motor City. Josh Jones, the formidable offensive tackle of the Arizona Cardinals, is entering the twilight of his rookie contract, sparking widespread speculation about his future. According to Glenn Kaplan from Wisconsin Sports Heroics, the Detroit Lions may be a team that could trade for Jones.

Detroit Lions named as destination for Josh Jones

Who is Josh Jones?

Drafted in the third round by Arizona in 2020, the 26-year-old Jones has notched three solid seasons under his belt. Despite D.J. Humphries and rookie Parris Johnson Jr. cementing their roles as the starting left and right tackles respectively, Jones' potential remains undeniable. As Jones’ position as a backup becomes increasingly evident, the whispers of a possible trade grow louder.

Why are the Detroit Lions a fit for Josh Jones?

Kaplan sheds light on Detroit's O-line setup, highlighting Taylor Decker and Penei Sewell as the primary tackles. Yet, depth remains a concern. Here is what Kaplan has to say about the Lions being a fit for Jones?

The Detroit Lions have Taylor Decker starting at left tackle and Penei Sewell at right tackle already. However, Detroit’s biggest problem is depth at the tackle position. If one of those two players gets hurt, they could be in trouble. They need to protect quarterback Jared Goff.

Josh Jones would be a perfect fit as a depth piece for the Lions and this is a football team that can’t waste any time this season, especially if they want to win the NFC North. However, the question is doesn’t he potentially want to start?

Will This Trade Happen?

There is no question about it that the Detroit Lions have one of the best starting offensive lines in the entire NFL. But as good as the starters are, the backups are nothing to call home about, and it would be wise for Lions GM Brad Holmes to make a move. Jones should come rather cheap, and I would not be surprised at all to see this trade go down within the next few days leading up to Cutdown Day, which is next Tuesday.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Josh Jones might be on the trading block as he wraps up his rookie contract with the Cardinals.
  2. Detroit Lions have a robust starting tackle duo but lack depth, a gap Jones could fill.
  3. While Jones could bolster the Lions' O-line, his aspirations to start might influence the trade's feasibility.

The Bottom Line – The Lions need depth

As the NFL season approaches, teams are in a frenzy to refine their rosters, ensuring they have the right mix of starters and backups. For the Lions, GM Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell will stop at nothing to build a Championship team. But will Jones be the missing piece Detroit seeks, or will he become another name in the ever-revolving door of the NFL? Only time will tell.