Detroit Lions OC Darrell Bevell defends final offensive play call vs. Raiders

The defense was awful on Sunday but the Detroit Lions offense kept the team in the game until their final offensive snap.

Unfortunately, that final play, which was a play-action pass, did not involve the Lions' best offensive threats, Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. Instead, Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell elected to go with a goal-line package, which did not include Golladay or Jones.

As you know by now, the play did not work and the Lions lost 31-24.

On Tuesday, Bevell defended his play call by saying he felt they were running the ball well enough to call a play-action pass.

“Felt like, from the 1, we were running the ball well enough to be able to go with a little play-action. Felt we had good matchups — we've got good size. Unfortunately, weren't able to execute it the way we wanted to.”

“We were on the 1-yard line, went with a goal-line package — those guys are not involved in that package. … That was the one, in that moment, we decided to go with.”

Nation, are you buying this defense? What play would you have called?


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