Detroit Lions officially sign 3rd round pick Alim McNeill

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The Detroit Lions selected defensive tackle Alim McNeill with the 72nd overall draft pick (3rd round) in the 2021 Draft. And now, he’s officially a member of the team.

The Lions signed him to a four year contract that includes a pretty nice bonus:

The full breakdown:

Lions GM Brad Holmes praised McNeill after the selection, saying he could be playing a rotational role for the Lions and their new coaching staff in 2021.

(When you) first watched him you’re thinking of not having seen him live physically, but watching him on film, he seems like a kind of shorter, wider guy, so you’re automatically thinking, ‘OK, he’s your typical two-down anchor nose tackle,’” Holmes said. “But then you keep watching him and it’s like, ‘Wait, hold up. This dude’s got some quickness that you don’t usually see from a guy this big and this powerful,’ so he was really fun.”