Detroit Lions OL Dan Skipper fires back at NFL regarding botched 2-point conversion call

Detroit Lions OL Dan Skipper fires back at NFL regarding botched 2-point conversion call

Detroit Lions OL Dan Skipper fires back at NFL regarding botched 2-point conversion call

Detroit Lions offensive lineman Dan Skipper has been at the center of a contentious debate following the team's narrow 20-19 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. In a recent interaction with the media, Skipper expressed his frustration and gave his side of the story, particularly addressing the NFL's response and the issue of reporting as an eligible receiver.

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What Did Dan Skipper Say?

Skipper, notably agitated by the situation, criticized the NFL's handling of the matter, especially regarding the league's released video. He emphasized the distinction between reporting as eligible and the personnel groupings, underscoring the importance of clarity in these scenarios, especially given the professional nature of the league.

“I still don't have a lot of positive thoughts. I really don't have a lot of positive words,” Skipper told a small group of reporters after practice Wednesday. “I appreciate the shot across the bow (from the NFL with their released video). But, at the same time, if we're getting paid to play, paid to report or anything, we ought to know the difference between reporting as eligible and personnel. 

“So, we can sit here and argue the semantics over that. But, it's ultimately, it's up to me as the player to make sure it's done properly. And, we'll leave it there.”

“Pretty standard is jumbo,” Skipper explained. “And then, you know, various hand signals depending on what jumbo — if it's 11, 12, 13, 23, like those all have have different signals. Obviously, when you're on the road, you can't hear. And, you also couldn't hear — like you can't hear over the intercom when they say that. So, every freaking guy on the Cowboys was pointing at Penei, that he's eligible, because no one heard anything. I think the media, I think were the only people that heard it through the intercom.”

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“Typically, you have to go up to the official. You can watch it all year. You can watch first quarter, play four. Granted, I only did it once during the game this week, so the multiple times throughout the game, also not true. But, we’ll leave that there,” Skipper noted. “When you walk up, you say, ‘Sir, I am reporting as eligible.’ It’s not like a five-yard, take a left turn thing.”

“I’ve gotten that penalty before, y’all can find that one. But, that was a similar situation where you’re reporting and don’t get, ‘I am reporting as eligible.’ That’s how it is, that’s how it goes. Y’all can watch it all season, like it’s clear as (expletive). You walk up.” 

Despite the controversy and the intense online backlash, particularly from Cowboys fans, Skipper expressed appreciation for the overwhelming support from the Detroit community. He humorously brushed off the negative social media comments and focused on the positive reception he has received in Detroit, evidenced by supportive billboards around the city.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Skipper, Detroit Lions offensive lineman, expresses frustration over the NFL's handling of the controversial call in the Cowboys game.
  2. Skipper clarifies on-field communication protocols, emphasizing the distinction between signaling personnel groupings and reporting as eligible.
  3. Despite online backlash, Skipper appreciates the support from Detroit and is focused on moving forward with the team.
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The Bottom Line

Dan Skipper's response to the NFL's handling of the controversial call is a testament to his understanding of the game's intricacies and his commitment to his team. Despite the setback, Skipper's focus is firmly on the future, exemplifying the spirit of moving forward and rising above challenges. His comments serve as a reminder of the resilience required in professional sports, a quality that the Detroit Lions, under his leadership, seem to embody.