Detroit Lions PR drops defensive stat that will blow your mind

Detroit Lions PR drops defensive stat that will blow your mind!

Detroit Lions PR drops defensive stat that will blow your mind

Through the first five games of the 2023 season, the Detroit Lions have showcased a rush defense that can only be described as extraordinary. Notably, they have not allowed a single opponent to breach the 100-yard mark on the ground during this period, a feat that underlines their remarkable consistency in stopping the run. On Tuesday, the Lions‘ PR dropped a defensive stat that will blow your mind!

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The transformation from last year's struggles to this year's dominance is striking. The Lions have allowed just 342 rushing yards in the first five games of the season (68.4 yards per game), positioning them with the third-lowest rushing yards allowed in the league. This accomplishment also marks a historic achievement, as it represents the fewest rushing yards given up by the Lions through the first five weeks of any season, dating back to at least 1932!

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions' rush defense is on a historic streak, preventing any opponent from accumulating 100 total rushing yards in the first five games of the 2023 season.
  2. In Week 5, they limited the Carolina Panthers to just 99 rushing yards, a dramatic improvement from their performance against the same team in the previous season.
  3. This remarkable transformation showcases the Lions as one of the league's top teams in stopping the run.
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Bottom Line – A Defensive Revolution

The Detroit Lions have undergone a defensive revolution, transitioning from struggles to success in stopping the run. Their ability to consistently limit opponents in a ground game that has seen record-breaking performances adds an exciting layer to the team's identity. As they continue this remarkable run, they establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the 2023 season.