Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery has epic comparison for Dan Campbell

David Montgomery has epic comparison for Dan Campbell: Does Dan Campbell have a new nickname?

Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery has epic comparison for Dan Campbell

David Montgomery, the Detroit Lions running back, joined the team during the offseason after previously playing for the Chicago Bears. His transition to the Lions has given him a chance to work closely with head coach Dan Campbell, leading to an intriguing perspective on Campbell's coaching style and demeanor. In fact, during a recent interview, Montgomery had an epic comparison for Campbell.

David Montgomery has epic comparison for Dan Campbell

David Montgomery's Unique Take on Dan Campbell

On Tuesday, Montgomery shed light on his experience working with Campbell and highlighted the stark differences he has noticed between his previous team in Chicago and his new role with the Lions. The key takeaway is his remarkable comparison of Campbell, emphasizing the coach's energetic and larger-than-life presence.

“It's definitely been a change of pace from what I'm used to,” Montgomery said. “He's very big on energy. High energy guy. Coach Campbell to me, have you ever seen the (Jolly) Green Giant? That's what he reminds me of. This big giant human. He walks around with his chest out so you kind of gotta watch how you step around it. He is a super cool dude. Wants to make sure you stay on top of everything, do everything right. A great coach. Definitely super dope to play for a guy like that.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' David Montgomery compares head coach Dan Campbell to the “Jolly Green Giant” due to his high-energy coaching style.
  2. Montgomery appreciates Campbell's focus on excellence and describes him as a great coach.
  3. The Lions' coaching staff, under Campbell's leadership, continues to make a positive impression on players.
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Bottom Line – A Coach with Character

David Montgomery's unique perspective on Dan Campbell provides fans and observers with an entertaining and relatable image of the Lions' head coach. Beyond the humorous comparison, it highlights the qualities that make Campbell a respected figure in the NFL—a combination of energy, dedication, and a genuine commitment to his team's success.