Detroit Lions RB Justin Jackson retires from NFL

Justin Jackson retires from the NFL is not the news we thought we would be writing today.

Just about every single reporter who covers the Detroit Lions believed that Justin Jackson would be the team's RB3 heading into the 2023 season. Well, that will not be the case as the Lions just announced that Jackson, who is only 27, is retiring from the NFL.

Justin Jackson retires Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions RB Justin Jackson retires from NFL

During the 2022 season, Jackson demonstrated his worth to the team, shining in his role as a kick returner and making notable contributions both as a rusher and a receiver. Although he played a pivotal role, the Lions opted not to re-sign him earlier this offseason. Recently, Jackson rejoined a fierce competition among running backs, contending with talents such as Jahmyr Gibbs, David Montgomery, Craig Reynolds, Jermar Jefferson, and Mohamed Ibrahim. However, Jackson has now chosen to hang up his cleats, announcing his retirement from the NFL.

Why it Matters

With Jackson unexpectedly out of the mix, the competition for the Lions RB3 job is now up for grabs with Craig Reynolds, Jermar Jefferson, and Mohamed Ibrahim all vying for the spot.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Despite widespread expectations from reporters that Justin Jackson would become the Detroit Lions' RB3 for the 2023 season, Jackson, at 27, has announced his retirement from the NFL.
  2. In the 2022 season, Jackson stood out for his performance as a kick returner, rusher, and receiver. Despite his contributions, the Lions had not re-signed him earlier this offseason.
  3. Jackson's sudden retirement leaves the Lions RB3 position open, with Craig Reynolds, Jermar Jefferson, and Mohamed Ibrahim now competing for the spot.

Bottom Line: Unexpected Retirement Means New Opportunity

Absolutely nobody (at least outside of the organization) saw the announcement coming that Detroit Lions running back Justin Jackson has retired from football. With that being said, the unexpected news means new opportunities for the other Lions' running backs who are hoping to land a spot on the 53-man roster. May the best man win!


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