Detroit Lions Reportedly Voted Against NFL’s Schedule Rule

In a recent development, the NFL has approved a new rule allowing flexibility in scheduling “Thursday Night Football” games for the upcoming 2023 season. The league can now move up to two games between Week 13 and Week 17 to the Thursday night slot, as long as they provide a 28-day notice. While the proposal passed by a vote of 24-8, the Detroit Lions were reportedly among the eight teams that voted against it.

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Key points

  • NFL approved a new rule allowing flex scheduling for “Thursday Night Football” games in the 2023 season.
  • The Detroit Lions were among the eight teams that voted against the proposal.
  • Proposal received the required 24 out of 32 team votes for approval.
  • Flex scheduling aims to enhance the quality of “Thursday Night Football” broadcasts on Amazon.
  • Opponents highlight the inconvenience caused to teams and fans due to sudden schedule changes.
  • Lions' team president Rod Wood expressed concerns about the impact on fans and families.
  • Despite opposition, the rule change will be implemented as a one-season trial.

Detroit Lions Reportedly Voted Against NFL's Schedule Rule

Amazon is likely thrilled that the rule passed because it will allow them the opportunity to air some more competitive games late in the season. That being said, not everybody agrees this rule is for the best as it will cause teams to adjust their schedules on short notice. Lions team president Rod Wood recently spoke about why he was against the rule.

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“I would say the flexing part I’m against, at least for the time being,” Wood said. “We’re flexing Monday night games (for the first time) this year. And to flex a Thursday night game the same year as a Monday night flex—let’s crawl before we run a little bit.

“It’s a big deal for the fans. Obviously, (if) they’re expecting to play on Sunday, they’ve made arrangements, et cetera, and then you move to a Thursday night, you’ve got school-aged kids, you may lose some families.”

Bottom Line: The rule will be reevaluated following the season

The Detroit Lions' opposition to the NFL's schedule rule sheds light on the practical considerations and potential consequences associated with flex scheduling. By expressing their concerns, the Lions underline the importance of taking into account the needs of fans and families when making significant changes to the game's schedule. The decision to proceed with the rule despite the dissenting votes reflects the league's willingness to experiment and evaluate the efficacy of the change. The upcoming season will be a crucial test to gauge the success or failure of the new system.

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