Detroit Lions S Brian Branch has sights set on Patrick Mahomes

Detroit Lions S Brian Branch has sights set on Patrick Mahomes: "May the best team win".

Brian Branch has sights set on Patrick Mahomes

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions worked on laying the groundwork for their opening clash against the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. According to rookie S Brian Branch, he has been thinking about Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the last week.

Brian Branch Detroit Lions Brian Branch has sights set on Patrick Mahomes

What did Brian Branch Say About Patrick Mahomes

As Branch gears up for his professional debut, he's set to encounter the NFL's quarterback juggernaut, Patrick Mahomes.

“I’ve been thinking about (Patrick) Mahomes since last week,” Branch said. “I think I’m going to really start watching film on them this week, for sure, just seeing what their tendencies are. We’ve got (to face) a great quarterback, but we also go against a great quarterback here. I feel like he’s prepared us. So, we’ll see.”

“Football is football,” Branch said. “They’re good, but we’re also a good team, too. May the best team win.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' preparation: As the Detroit Lions prepare for their match against the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs, rookie S Brian Branch specifically emphasizes his focus on the Chiefs' star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.
  2. Brian Branch's anticipation: Making his professional debut, Branch acknowledges the prowess of Mahomes and expresses eagerness to delve into match tapes to study Mahomes' playstyle and tendencies.
  3. Confidence and Sportsmanship: Despite acknowledging Mahomes' skills, Branch exhibits confidence in his team and their capabilities, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the game and hoping for the best outcome.
Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – A Roaring Challenge for the Pride

While Brian Branch's daring ambition to face Patrick Mahomes headlines the narrative, it's the collective might of the Lions' restructured defense that's set to script the climax. As the kickoff nears, one thing is certain: the Lions, with their newfound vigor, are not merely participating; they're here to make a statement. One thing is for certain, Mahomes and the Chiefs offense will be the biggest challenge the Lions' defense faces in 2023.