Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson throws shade at Baker Mayfield

Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson throws shade at Baker Mayfield, Mayfield returns fire.

Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson throws shade at Baker Mayfield

This week, Detroit Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield engaged in a playful war of words, elevating the tension and entertainment factor for the upcoming Divisional Round playoff matchup. The exchange began when Gardner-Johnson commented on the Buccaneers' receiving corps, implying they would be better with a more skilled quarterback, indirectly jabbing at Mayfield. In response, Mayfield retorted by questioning Gardner-Johnson's film study, pointing out an error regarding wide receiver Russell Gage.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions C.J. Gardner-Johnson throws shade at Baker Mayfield

What Did C.J. Gardner-Johnson Say?

Here is what Gardner-Johnson had to say last week.

“If you give that Tampa group a good quarterback, that’s a great group,” Gardner-Johnson said. “(Mike) Evans, (Chris) Godwin, (Russell) Gage, that’s a great group. I played against them for real.”

Baker Mayfield's Response

When asked about Gardner-Johnson's comment, Mayfield returned fire.

“I mean, I don't think he's really watched film because he mentioned Russell Gage. We love Russell, but he hasn’t played a snap this year for us.”

“He must be going off the preseason stuff the media was talking about but he didn't play our first game so I'm excited to see him,” Mayfield added. “I think he's a really good player…just needs to do a little more film study.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' C.J. Gardner-Johnson ignites a verbal spar by critiquing the Buccaneers' quarterback situation.
  2. Baker Mayfield counters Gardner-Johnson's remarks, highlighting a factual inaccuracy about WR Russell Gage.
  3. The playful back-and-forth adds an extra dimension of intrigue to the Lions vs. Buccaneers Divisional Round matchup.

The Bottom Line – The Verbal Duel Continues

As the Detroit Lions prepare to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the verbal exchange between Gardner-Johnson and Mayfield adds an extra layer of excitement to an already anticipated playoff game. While such comments are often seen as typical pre-game banter, they reflect the players' competitive nature and desire to gain any advantage, even if it's just psychological.

For fans and spectators, this spirited exchange adds to the drama and anticipation, making the upcoming game not just a physical contest, but also a battle of wits and words. This is the essence of sports, where the game extends beyond the field and into the minds and hearts of those involved.