Bucs QB Baker Mayfield throws shade at Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Bucs QB Baker Mayfield throws shade at Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson. Photo Credit - Kim Klement Neitzel - USA Today Sports

Bucs QB Baker Mayfield throws shade at Detroit Lions S C.J. Gardner-Johnson

As the Detroit Lions gear up for a pivotal Divisional Round Playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ford Field, an intriguing subplot has emerged involving Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield and Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

Baker Mayfield throws shade at Detroit Lions

Baker Mayfield's Surprising Accusation

Baker Mayfield, the signal-caller for the Buccaneers, recently raised eyebrows with a comment that subtly criticized Gardner-Johnson's preparation and film study. Mayfield remarked, “I mean, I don't think he's really watched film because he mentioned Russell Gage. We love Russell, but he hasn’t played a snap this year for us.” This statement implies that Gardner-Johnson might not be as up-to-date with his film study as he should be, considering Gage's absence from the Bucs' lineup.

Gage's Absence Noted

Russell Gage, a player who was expected to make significant contributions to the Buccaneers this season, has not seen any action due to circumstances Mayfield did not disclose. Mayfield’s comment suggests that Gardner-Johnson’s reference to Gage indicates a lack of recent film analysis on the Buccaneers' current playing roster.

Mayfield's Challenge and Gardner-Johnson's Response

Baker Mayfield seemed to challenge Gardner-Johnson's game preparation.

“He must be going off the preseason stuff the media was talking about but he didn't play our first game so I'm excited to see him,” Mayfield added. “I think he's a really good player…just needs to do a little more film study.”

This statement sets the stage for an interesting dynamic between the two players in the upcoming playoff game. Fans and analysts alike will be keen to see how Gardner-Johnson responds to this criticism, both off the field and more importantly, in his gameplay.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Baker Mayfield's Criticism: Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield suggested that Detroit Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson has not adequately prepared for their upcoming playoff game.
  2. Russell Gage's Non-Participation: Mayfield pointed out that despite Gardner-Johnson's reference to Gage, the latter has not played a snap for the Buccaneers this year. This comment raises questions about Gardner-Johnson's preparation and awareness of the current Buccaneers lineup.
  3. Playoff Game Intrigue: The statement adds a layer of intrigue to the Divisional Round Playoff game between the Lions and the Buccaneers. With Mayfield challenging Gardner-Johnson's preparation, it sets up a potential on-field showdown and adds to the competitive atmosphere of the upcoming game at Ford Field.

Bottom Line

This exchange adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already high-stakes playoff matchup. As the Lions and the Buccaneers prepare for their showdown, Mayfield's remarks serve as a potential motivator for Gardner-Johnson and the Lions' defense. With both teams vying for a spot in the NFC Championship game, the stage is set for an intense and competitive battle at Ford Field.