Detroit Lions Stock Report: 4 Players Who Soared vs. Jaguars

Detroit Lions Stock Report: It was a rough game, but there were a few players who stepped up.

Detroit Lions Stock Report

On Saturday afternoon, the Detroit Lions recently squared off in a preseason battle against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The game, as most preseason fixtures go, was relatively subdued, lacking the regular-season intensity (I am trying to be nice). Nonetheless, even in such an environment, some Lions players managed to catch the eye with their impressive displays. Among those who shone were James Houston, Chase Cota, Jack Campbell, and John Cominsky.

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4 Players Who Soared vs. Jaguars

James Houston, once the breakout star of 2022, solidified his place in the team with a stellar performance, finishing with six tackles (four for a loss) and a sack. Such stats undoubtedly silence critics who doubted his spot on the initial 53-man roster. Chase Cota, striving to cement his place on the Detroit Lions' 2023 53-man roster, scored a receiving touchdown and performed exceptionally as a returner on special teams.

John Cominsky, though not showing up a ton in the box score (1 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 1 pass deflected), certainly made his presence felt. Last but certainly not least, Jack Campbell stood out, registering a team-high seven tackles, once again showcasing his impeccable sideline-to-sideline tackling ability. As the Lions prepare for their last preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, these individual standouts give fans something to cheer about.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Houston's Remarkable Performance: James Houston, who had previously emerged as a significant player in 2022, displayed his worthiness once again.
  2. Cota's Versatility and Potential: Chase Cota demonstrated his value and versatility in the recent match. Aiming to secure a spot on the Lions' 2023 53-man roster, Cota not only scored a receiving touchdown but also displayed his skills as a returner on special teams.
  3. Cominsky and Campbell's Consistency: While John Cominsky might not have filled the box score extensively, his game impact was undeniable, evident from a tackle for loss, a sack, and a pass deflection. Jack Campbell continued to showcase his defensive prowess, securing a team-high seven tackles.
James Houston Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – Making a Statement

Players like Houston, Cota, Cominsky, and Campbell, through their exceptional performances, have not only strengthened their claims for regular-season action but have also given fans reasons to be optimistic. As the Motor City gears up for another thrilling season, the Detroit Lions are going to need more players to raise their game to a new level.


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