Detroit Lions to make huge decision on James Houston

Detroit Lions to make huge decision on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Lon Horwedel - USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions to make huge decision on James Houston

The Detroit Lions are on the clock with a crucial decision regarding edge rusher James Houston. As the evaluation window for Houston’s injury recovery comes to a close on Wednesday, the Lions face a pivotal choice about his status on the roster.

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James Houston’s Road to Recovery

James Houston, who suffered an ankle/femur injury in early September, has been diligently working his way back to fitness. Placed on injured reserve, Houston has been rehabilitating with the hope of rejoining the team on the field. The Lions initiated Houston's 21-day evaluation period on December 28, a standard procedure that allowed the team to assess his readiness for a comeback.

The 21-Day Evaluation Window

This critical 21-day period, which concludes today, has been an opportunity for the coaching staff to gauge Houston's physical condition and readiness to play. The decision now rests on whether Houston has demonstrated sufficient progress to warrant reactivation to the active roster.

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Implications of Reactivating Houston

Should the Lions decide to reactivate Houston, it will necessitate a corresponding roster move. This means the Lions will have to release another player to make room for him. Such decisions are never easy, especially given the team dynamics and the contributions of every player on the roster.

Upcoming Divisional Round Playoff Game

The timing of this decision is crucial as the Lions are gearing up for a significant postseason challenge. They are set to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a Divisional Round playoff game this Sunday at Ford Field. The addition of Houston could potentially bolster the Lions' edge-rushing capabilities, a factor that might be critical in their strategy against the Buccaneers.

The Lions’ Dilemma

Head coach Dan Campbell and his staff are now faced with a tough call. They must weigh the benefits of Houston's potential return against the costs of altering the existing roster. This decision not only impacts the team's playoff preparations but also signals the Lions' commitment to player development and injury management.

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  1. Evaluation Window Closing: The Detroit Lions are facing a crucial decision as the 21-day evaluation window for edge rusher James Houston is set to close on Wednesday. Houston has been recovering from an ankle/femur injury since early September.
  2. Impact on Roster and Playoffs: If the Lions choose to reactivate Houston, they must release another player to make room on the roster. This decision is particularly significant as the team is preparing for a Divisional Round playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  3. Coach Campbell's Tough Call: Head coach Dan Campbell is tasked with deciding whether to bring Houston back to the active roster. This decision involves balancing Houston's readiness and potential contribution to the team’s playoff ambitions with the impact on team dynamics and roster management.

Bottom Line: Decision Looming

As the Lions prepare for a high-stakes game, the decision on James Houston's status looms large. The outcome of this evaluation will reveal how the Lions balance immediate team needs with the long-term health and career prospects of their players. All eyes are on Coach Campbell and his staff as they navigate this crucial decision, which could have significant implications for their playoff journey.