Detroit Lions Week 14 Rooting Guide: The No. 1 Seed is Still in Reach

Detroit Lions Week 14 Rooting Guide: The No. 1 Seed is Still in Reach.

Detroit Lions Week 14 Rooting Guide: The No. 1 Seed is Still in Reach

As the 2023 NFL season progresses into Week 14, the Detroit Lions are at the forefront of the NFC North with a commendable 9-3 record. This Sunday's game is more than just another match; it's a crucial step towards securing their division and a spot in the NFL Playoffs as they prepare to battle the Chicago Bears. However, the significance of this week extends beyond their own game.

For Lions supporters, the broader NFL scenario holds equal importance as their team's direct confrontations. The outcomes of concurrent games across the league are crucial for Detroit's playoff prospects. To navigate through this complex playoff landscape, fans can turn to the Detroit Lions Week 14 Rooting Guide. This guide provides invaluable insights, pinpointing which teams' victories or losses could most favorably impact the Lions in their journey toward a favorable playoff position.

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Who Detroit Lions Fans Should Root For?

Root for AFC over NFC

First of all, the obvious. Lions fans should be rooting for every AFC team to beat every NFC team in those matchups. In Week 14, root for the Ravens (AFC) to beat the Rams (NFC) and the Raiders (AFC) over the Vikings (NFC) because the Lions only have to worry about staying ahead of/passing NFC teams in the overall standings.

Root for Any Team over the NFC North

Make sure that you are always rooting for any team that is playing a team from the NFC North not named the Detroit Lions. We already noted that we should root for the Raiders over the Vikings, but we should also root for the Giants to beat the Packers.

Other Teams to Root For

At this point, the Lions are looking good in the NFC North, but we also have to be rooting for them to get as high of a seed as possible in the NFC. Because of that, we should be rooting for NFC teams with lesser records over NFC teams with better records.

So, with that being said, root for the Buccaneers over the Falcons, the Panthers over the Saints, the Seahawks over the 49ers, and the Cowboys over the Eagles. (Yes, we are still holding out for the No. 1 seed.

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Here is a quick list of who you should root for this week if you are a fan of the Detroit Lions.

  • Ravens over Rams: Root for the Baltimore Ravens (AFC) to defeat the Los Angeles Rams (NFC) to help the Lions stay ahead in NFC standings.
  • Raiders over Vikings: Support the Las Vegas Raiders (AFC) in their game against the Minnesota Vikings (NFC), as it aids the Lions in maintaining their lead within the NFC.
  • Giants over Packers: Encourage a victory for the New York Giants against the Green Bay Packers, as wins by non-Detroit NFC North teams can negatively impact the Lions' standing.
  • Buccaneers over Falcons: Cheer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to triumph over the Atlanta Falcons, promoting the Lions' chances for a higher seeding by defeating a team with a better record.
  • Panthers over Saints: Support the Carolina Panthers in their match against the New Orleans Saints, aiding the Lions' quest for a higher NFC seed by defeating a team with a superior record.
  • Seahawks over 49ers: Advocate for the Seattle Seahawks winning against the San Francisco 49ers, which helps the Lions in their pursuit of a top NFC seed.
  • Cowboys over Eagles: Root for the Dallas Cowboys in their game against the Philadelphia Eagles, as a Cowboys victory supports the Lions' ambition for the No. 1 seed in the NFC.