Detroit Lions Game-By-Game Predictions: Week 14 Edition

Detroit Lions Game-By-Game Predictions: Week 14 Edition. How many wins will the Lions finish with in 2023?

Detroit Lions Game-By-Game Predictions: Week 14 Edition

The Detroit Lions experienced a minor setback in Week 12 with their Thanksgiving Day defeat, slightly impacting their NFC position. However, they quickly rebounded with an impressive victory against the Saints, and they now have a solid 9-3 record and the top spot in the NFC North. This performance positions them as the third seed in the conference, closely trailing the San Francisco 49ers for the second seed. As the Lions gear up for their Week 14 showdown against the Chicago Bears, it's a pivotal time to reevaluate and refresh forecasts for the remainder of the Lions' regular-season schedule.

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Updated Predictions

Here is how I believe the Detroit Lions will fare in their final 5 games of the season:

As you can see below, I now have the Lions finishing with a 12-5 record in 2023.

Sep. 7
at Kansas City Chiefs8:20pm ETW 21-20
Sep. 17
Seattle Seahawks1:00pm ETL 37-31(OT)
Sep. 24
Atlanta Falcons1:00pm ETW 20-6
Sep. 28
at Green Bay Packers8:15pm ETW 34-20
Oct. 8
Carolina Panthers1:00pm ETW 42-24
Oct. 15
at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25pm ETW 20-6
Oct. 22
at Baltimore Ravens1:00pm ETL 38-6
Oct. 30
Las Vegas Raiders8:15pm ETW 26-14
Nov. 5
Nov. 12
at Los Angeles Chargers4:05pm ETW 41-38
Nov. 19
Chicago Bears1:00pm ETW 31-26
Nov. 23
Green Bay Packers12:30pm ETL 29-22
Dec. 3
at New Orleans Saints1:00pm ETW 33-28
Dec. 10
at Chicago Bears1:00pm ET FOXW 27-23
Dec. 16
Denver Broncos8:15pm ET NFLNW 27-20
Dec. 24
at Minnesota Vikings1:00pm ET FOXL 24-20
Dec. 30
at Dallas Cowboys8:15pm ET ESPN/ABCL 31-24
Jan. 7
Minnesota VikingsTime TBA ETor Sat., Jan. 6W 30-23


If the Detroit Lions manage to secure 12 wins in the 2023 season, it would be a milestone achievement, almost enabling them to capture the NFC North title and secure one of the prestigious top seeds in the NFC. Such a triumph would be particularly monumental as it would signify the first time since 1993 that the Lions have clinched this division, marking a significant and historic achievement in the annals of the franchise's history.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Recovery and Momentum: Following a setback in Week 12 with a loss on Thanksgiving Day, the Detroit Lions made a strong recovery with a win against the Saints, bringing their record to an impressive 9-3 and securing the top spot in the NFC North.
  2. Playoff Positioning: The Detroit Lions' current performance places them as the third seed in the conference, closely chasing the San Francisco 49ers for the second seed. This positions them well for a potential high seeding in the NFC playoffs.
  3. Final Games Outlook: Based on the season's progress and updated predictions, the Lions are projected to finish with a 12-5 record for the 2023 season. The final stretch includes key matchups, notably against the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, which will be crucial in determining their final standing and playoff prospects.

Bottom Line: Keep Pushing Forward

The Detroit Lions' journey in the 2023 NFL season is shaping up to be a historic one. If they achieve the forecasted 12 wins, it would not only secure the NFC North title for the first time since 1993 but also position them as one of the top contenders in the NFC. Folks, it has already been a special season, let's continue to enjoy the ride!


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