Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams brushes off dropped passes issue

Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams brushes off dropped passes issue.

Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams brushes off dropped passes issue

Just prior to the start of the 2023 regular season, news broke that Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams had been suspended six games for violating the NFL's gambling policy. But, as we now know, that suspension was cut short, and Williams ended up making his season debut during the Lions Week 5 matchup against the Carolina Panthers. Though Jamo did a great job of blocking during the game, many fans and the local media are piling on about the dropped pass that he had.

Jameson Williams talks Jameson Williams brushes off dropped passes issue

What did Jameson Williams Say?

On Thursday, Williams spoke to reporters, and it does not sound like he is worried one bit about dropping passes.

“I ran the route, I just dropped the ball. I don't know what to say about that,” Williams said, adding that he flushed the drop immediately. “You gotta think about what you got on (the next) play, so you can’t let that beat you up too bad. You might think about it after the game, but after that play it’s over.”

“Everybody drops the ball. There’s not no receiver who ever played the game with no drops, they come and go. We just gotta keep building. That’s all it takes: a lot of balls, a lot of connections, a lot of reps and just go from there,” Williams said.

One thing Jamo has been doing to improve is catching extra passes from Jared Goff each day after practice.

“Making sure we got the timing right and how we're going to run it and where the ball should be,”  Williams said.

“We had weapons last year, but I would say the weapons (this year) are more advanced,” he said. “We got Gibbs, St Brown, J-Rey, everybody can go out there and make plays, LaPorta the rookie. Goffy completes the passes, we do the catching and the running backs do the running.”

At this point, Jameson Williams seems more focused on winning than anything else.

“Nah, I’m just working on my winning celebration. We winning, though! We winning.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Williams' ability to maintain his confidence and resilience despite dropping a crucial pass early in the season highlights the mental fortitude required to excel in professional football.
  2. Quarterback-Receiver Connection: The unwavering support of Lions' quarterback Jared Goff is a key takeaway. Goff's faith in Williams emphasizes the importance of a strong connection between a quarterback and his receivers, showcasing the trust that is integral to a successful passing game.
  3. Team Ambitions: Williams' commitment to improving and helping the team win underscores the Detroit Lions' ambitions for the season. As they strive for their fourth consecutive victory, Williams' contributions will be pivotal in achieving their goals and establishing themselves as a competitive force in the NFL.

Bottom Line – A Player with Potential

Jameson Williams' response to his dropped passes issue signifies a player with the potential to rise above adversity and make a significant impact in Detroit. As the Lions continue their winning streak, Williams' determination and resilience will be key factors in their quest for success. Folks, mark my words: It is going to be a TON of fun to watch Jameson Williams once he gets going.