Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams explains viral photo

Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams explains viral photo: Will you try this?

Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams explains viral photo

Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams has once again caught the public's attention, but this time, it's not for his on-field prowess. Williams stirred up a social media frenzy with a post showcasing his unique McDonald's creation – an Oreo McFlurry inside a McDouble cheeseburger. The internet's reaction to Williams' latest food fusion was a mix of intrigue and disbelief, with many questioning the choice of such a combination, especially for an athlete.

Jameson Williams comments Jameson Williams explains viral photo

Jamo Defends His Crazy Creation

Despite the online buzz and varied opinions, Williams stands by his creation, encouraging everyone to try the “Oreo McFlurry Double,” rating it a perfect 10 out of 10.

“I ain't always did that. But, I started doing that a little minute ago,” Williams told reporters. “Me and one of my brothers, we actually seen it a little minute ago. We've been trying to get it, but the McDonald's McFlurry machine always isn't working. So, you got to find one that's working. I went to McDonald's on Jefferson. It wasn't working like the first two or three times.”

But, the other day after practice, I forget what we had — we had to watch film as a receiver group and I just went up there and got it. It was cool, though. It was good. I think y'all should give it a try. It's called an Oreo McFlurry Double. 10 out 10 rating. Oreo McFlurry Double.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams created a buzz on social media by posting his unique McDonald's creation, an Oreo McFlurry inside a McDouble cheeseburger, which led to mixed reactions from the public and fans.
  2. The incident sparked discussions about athletes' dietary choices, highlighting how personal taste and high-performance nutritional needs can intersect in unconventional ways.
  3. Jamo did not hesitate to give his crazy McDonald's creation a 10 out of 10 rating
Jameson Williams reveals

Bottom Line – Flavorful Food for Thought

The online stir caused by Jameson Williams and his McDonald's creation is a testament to the intersection of sports, personal lifestyle, and social media's influence. While the mix of an Oreo McFlurry and a McDouble might raise eyebrows, it also serves as a reminder that athletes, like all of us, have their unique quirks and preferences. Now, don't mind me, but I have to make a trip to McDonald's!

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