Detroit Lions WR Josh Reynolds could earn HUGE bonus in Week 18

Detroit Lions WR Josh Reynolds could earn HUGE bonus in Week 18. Photo Credit - Lon Horwedel - USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions WR Josh Reynolds could earn HUGE bonus in Week 18

As the Detroit Lions gear up for their pivotal Week 18 encounter with the Minnesota Vikings, wide receiver Josh Reynolds has more than just a victory on the line. With the season winding down, Reynolds is on the brink of hitting significant financial incentives in his contract. In fact, if all goes well for Reynolds on Sunday afternoon, he will walk away with a whopping $500,000 worth of bonuses.

Josh Reynolds could earn HUGE bonus Josh Reynolds

What Does Reynolds Need to do?

According to, Reynolds needs just one more touchdown to reach six for the season, which would secure a $250,000 bonus. Additionally, with 36 more receiving yards, which would put him at a total of 600 yards for the season, he would earn another $250,000. The absence of Jameson Williams, who has already been ruled OUT for Sunday's finale against the Vikings, increases Reynolds' chances of achieving these lucrative milestones.

The Big Picture: Enhanced Role in Lions’ Offense

Reynolds' quest for these bonuses comes at a crucial time for the Lions. With Jameson Williams out, Reynolds is expected to take on a larger role in the offense against the Vikings. This not only positions him well to hit his personal targets but also boosts the Lions' offensive capabilities. Reynolds’ potential to achieve these incentives exemplifies the depth and talent in the Lions' receiving corps, proving they have formidable options beyond their primary targets.

Josh Reynolds

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Josh Reynolds is close to earning two significant bonuses totaling $500,000.
  2. One touchdown (for a total of six) and 36 more yards (to reach 600) will trigger these incentives.
  3. Reynolds' opportunities may increase with teammate Jameson Williams out due to injury.

The Bottom Line – Reynolds’ Golden Opportunity

Week 18 represents more than just the closing chapter of the regular season for Josh Reynolds; it's a golden opportunity to make a significant personal and financial gain. Achieving these incentives would not only be a feather in his cap but would also contribute to the Lions' efforts to finish the season on a high note. With Williams sidelined, the stage is set for Reynolds to step up and potentially make a big impact, both on the field and in his bank account. As the Lions face the Vikings, all eyes will be on Reynolds, not just for his performance but for the added intrigue of these substantial incentives.