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Doctor Accuses Penn State HC James Franklin Of Wanting To Cut Suicidal Player

IF true, James Franklin needs to be fired immediately.

Detroit Tigers P Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet about schedule

Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet about when he will make next start.

Dan Campbell Update: Detroit Lions Get Good News Regarding Their Head Coach

Dan Campbell was back with the Detroit Lions on Tuesday.

The Detroit Pistons Will Improve, But Still Won’t Be Good… Yet – 2022

The Detroit Pistons Season Preview

Matt: We have to emphasize the word patience to our Detroit Pistons fans. Because I don’t know what you’re thinking. Personally, I know we’re coming off not a great year, 23 and 59, they were 28th and offense, they were 24th and defense. I’m expecting better than that, but I don’t think we play in the team just yet. Ryan 

Ryan: No, I mean, the Detroit Pistons should be pretty bad. They were a bad team last year, and they added some pieces, but it’s still a young team and you just look at the rest of the teams in the east. This is the best that the Eastern Conference has ever been.

From what I can recall, there obviously, not gonna be better than the Bucks or the Nets or the Heat, the Sixers, the Raptors, or the Celtics, right? They are probably not better than the Cavaliers, either. Might not even be better than the New York Knicks would, who they brought in. So you start to even just look at it.

In the NBA, who you know that they’re better than, and there are really not that many teams. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Detroit Pistons ended up with a bottom-six record in the NBA and head, one of the best, six latter odds to go and draft Wembanyama. But I think it’s just a really. It’s obvious.

I don’t think it’s a really bad team, but it’s a team that still has a. Way to go before we talk about the plan. And the plan is still the top 10 teams in the conference, and I don’t think the Detroit Pistons are close to that. And there are only 15 teams in each conference. So you start to talk about them, and when you start to frame it like that, you can, I don’t know, like it, put it into reality for me.

So I don’t expect the season to be great from a win-loss perspective. I think they’ll be in a lot of games, and I think we’re gonna get strides, and certainly gonna be fun to watch the guys grow, whether it’s Cade Cunningham taking another step. Saddiq Bey. He could take that next step, Killian Hayes.

Can he continue some of what he’s been doing in the preseason I to the last preseason game? Not the one that happened yesterday, but the one, that was played on Tuesday. And Killian looked really good. The Detroit Pistons lost by 20, but no, Killian at four threes. I think he had six assists. And so it’s just gonna be fun to see these different young players grow.

Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren, who might get a lot of run at the beginning of the season because Marvin Bagley‘s hurt, and we’ll just, we’ll see, but I don’t expect the Detroit Pistons to be very competitive for the playoffs.

Matt: Yeah, Bagley going down certainly hurts. we talked about this last year. We talked about it by Throwing Stones. I was stoked that they made that move to bring Bagley in. I never thought he really got a real chance in Sacramento, and I was hoping we could be. Where his career really takes off. And it still can be. Obviously, it’s an mc sprain, nothing really torn. Hopefully, after that three or four weeks, he will come back and can really show what he can be in the NBA.

And we’re talking about a former number two pick, right? The number two pick for Sacramento. What was positive? But aside from that, just taking a look at the guys that a lot of ’em you had just talked about, we’re talking about Cade Cunningham, who’s in his second year and Jaden Ivey in his first year, Jalen Duren in his first year, Killian Hayes in his third year Saddiq Bey in his third-year Beef Stew in his third year, livers in his second year.

That’s seven players that can really be a great core of a team going forward. , but they’re in their third year or less. They are still growing into this league, into this game, and. That’s why I wanna temper expectations with fans out there cuz fans are crazy, man. You have no idea what these fans are thinking, but something is happening here in Detroit with this team.

It’s not gonna happen this year. Next year. I’m hoping that we are fighting for a playing position this year. I expect us to be a little bit better than we were last year. But I wanna see growth. I wanna see growth from Cunningham. Geez, you talk about how Dwane Casey‘s talking about him and putting on 20 pounds of muscle and looking unrecognizable.

This is a guy who, for the second half of the season, after the all-star break, had Over 20 points and over six assist the game was used way too much for a rookie. That’s how bad the Detroit Pistons were. They needed something out of it. And we are also a team that got rid of our leading score in Jerami Grant. It was essentially a trade to get during, which is not a bad move, obviously, because Grant was the odd man out for as good as he was.

He wasn’t gonna be part of the future build for the Detroit Pistons. So it made sense, but that’s why I’m saying you got a temper expectation. I don’t even know what people’s expectations are. But seeing what we’ve seen for the Detroit Lion‘s expectations, that’s why I’m getting out in front of this ahead of time to say Don’t be expecting this team to be fighting for a playoff position yet.

We’re not there. But those seven guys I just named are a beautiful core to have for the future. And three years from now, we should be talking about one of the better teams in basketball if we’re keeping all these guys together and they pan out the way that we hope they do. 

Ryan: Yeah. Cade. Amazing. Cade’s great. And I think even if Cade plays at a borderline all-star level this year, the Detroit Pistons could still be looking at one of those bottom six records in the NBA now, yet next year is the year, depending on, even whatever happens in the draft, whether you get Wembanyama or not, just getting somebody else and getting all these guys an extra year of experience there’d be really no excuse for the Detroit Pistons not to at least be in the play to next year, but this year it’s all about growth. 

Detroit Pistons

It’s all about getting the young guys ready and the Detroit Pistons to their credit. It’s not a team that is openly tanking the Spurs, like the Pacers, the Jazz, or a team like that. They’re a team who went out, and they did try to make it.

The roster is better. They went out. They got shooters. They got Alec Burks they got Bojan Bogdanovic, two guys who were better shooters than really anybody that the Detroit Pistons had last year. And you pair that with, You think we’re gonna get a bigger role from Isaiah Livers? I’m sure we are. And it’s just surrounding K with more shooters, surrounding Jaden Ivey with more shooters.

But that’s where again, I would try to temper the expectations of the fan base. Jaden Ivey certainly could win Rookie of the year, but more than more likely than not, he’s gonna come into the NBA, and he’s gonna struggle to find his foot for the first, probably like half of the season, right?

These guys just don’t come in and make immediate impacts, usually. Especially not drafted at number five where Jaden Ivey, Jaden Ivey was. And that doesn’t mean he sucks. It doesn’t mean he is a bust or a bum or anything like that. It just takes a while to adjust to the NBA game. I don’t understand.

And Ivey’s probably not even gonna be starting to start the year. He might be now, but he wasn’t going to be right. The starting lineup would’ve been Cade, Bojan, Saddiq, Marvin Bagley, and then Isaiah. But now that Marvin Bagley’s hurt. He is probably gonna be the starting lineup that we saw the Detroit Pistons do last night in the preseason game, which is Cade, Ivey, Saddiq, Bojan, and Isaiah Stewart.

So Jaden Ivey might start to start the year, but that certainly wasn’t the plan. And not even trying to say that they were trying to bring him along slowly, but they were just trying to bring him along like you would a normal rookie cuz you don’t wanna just throw him in there and then have him be like, hot garbage.

Or something, and not that you would expect him to be. He’s probably going to be your worst starter. Just because he is a rookie, these other guys have been in the NBA, not for very long, mind you, but they’ve been in the NBA, and they’ve already gone through at least a full season with Cade a couple of seasons. Obviously, the other guys’ steward in, in Bey.

but it’s just it’s a super young team, and traditionally super young teams don’t win in the NBA unless you have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and James Harden and Serge Ibaka, which the business doesn’t have. They got some good players, but usually, if you’re that young, it just doesn’t, it doesn’t come, it just doesn’t come that quickly for you.

Yeah. But I think most Detroit Pistons fans should know that there’s gonna. Some excitement to start the year, knowing they’re playing Orlando game one of the seasons, and Orlando is in a pretty similar spot with the Detroit Pistons as far as what the rebuild looks like. And there are a lot of people who think Orlando could be pretty good too.

They might be bottom six. They have they’re looking at Betty. I think they have one of the lowest over-under win totals. I mean, as do the Detroit Pistons, of course, but that’s it’s just another young team to match up against at the start of the season. And you’re gonna see. There might be some overreaction from that game.

Oh my God, how could we lose to the magic? Or, Oh, look at us, we’re one, and oh, we’re, we’re God’s gift of basketball. So it’s really just about keeping those expectations set.

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Doctor Accuses Penn State HC James Franklin Of Wanting To Cut Suicidal Player

IF true, James Franklin needs to be fired immediately.

Detroit Tigers P Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet about schedule

Kenta Maeda told to keep quiet about when he will make next start.

Dan Campbell Update: Detroit Lions Get Good News Regarding Their Head Coach

Dan Campbell was back with the Detroit Lions on Tuesday.