Detroit Pistons select Matas Buzelis in way-too-early 2024 NBA Mock Draft

The 2024 NBA Draft is a VERY long way away, but ESPN predicts the Detroit Pistons will land Matas Buzelis.

With the 2023 NBA Draft officially in the books, it is time to hop in the time machine and see what the Detroit Pistons will do when the 2024 NBA Draft rolls around. As Victor Wembanyama, Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson, and the other members of the 2023 class make their way to the NBA, our focus naturally turns towards the upcoming batch of talent for the following year. According to ESPN, the Pistons will have the No. 2 overall pick and they will select Matas Buzelis.

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Detroit Pistons select Matas Buzelis in way-too-early 2024 NBA Mock Draft

As you can see below, ESPN has the Pistons taking Buzelis at No. 2. Here is how they see the top 10 picks playing out.

1. Washington Wizards

Ron Holland | G League Ignite | SF/PF | Age: 17.9

2. Detroit Pistons

Matas Buzelis | G League Ignite | SF | Age: 18.6

3. Charlotte Hornets

Zaccharie Risacher | JL Bourg | SF | Age: 18.2

4. Indiana Pacers

Isaiah Collier | USC | PG | Age: 18.7

5. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston)

Justin Edwards | Kentucky | SG/SF | Age: 19.5

6. Utah Jazz

Cody Williams | Colorado | SF | Age: 18.5

7. San Antonio Spurs

D.J. Wagner | Kentucky | PG/SG | Age: 18.1

8. Orlando Magic

Donovan Clingan | UConn | C | Age: 19.3

9. Houston Rockets (via Brooklyn)

Stephon Castle | UConn | PG/SG | Age: 18.6

10. Chicago Bulls

Kyle Filipowski | Duke | PF/C | Age: 19.6

Key Points

  • The 2023 NBA Draft is in the books and ESPN has already released their 2024 NBA Mock Draft
  • ESPN has the Pistons selecting at No. 2 and taking Matas Buzelis
  • The 2024 draft is a long way away, and there are sure to to be quite a few changes along the way

Bottom Line: Only Time Will Tell

As with the NFL, it is pretty silly to put any stock into a way-too-early NBA Mock Draft, but it is interesting to see that ESPN has the Pistons selecting at No. 2. The 2024 NBA Draft is still a very long way away, and you can bet that some prospects will emerge during the upcoming season, and some of the players currently mocked in the Top 10 will slide a bit. Only time will tell where the Pistons will select in 2024, and who they will target with that pick, but it is always fun to predict what will happen!


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