Detroit Red Wings 2023 Season: Larkin and Holl Reflect on Legacy and Expectations

Key players discuss the Detroit Red Wings 2023 Season, the legacy of the franchise, and the synergy within the team. Dive into insights from Justin Holl and Dylan Larkin.
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Detroit Red Wings 2023 season: New Beginnings and Fresh Perspectives

Each NHL season unfolds a tapestry of thrill, challenge, and anticipation. As we gear up for the Detroit Red Wings 2023 season, key players, both seasoned and new, share their perspectives on the upcoming journey and the privilege of being a part of this historic franchise. Justin Holl and Dylan Larkin recently opened up to the press about the Detroit Red Wings 2023 season.

Justin Holl: Embracing The Red Wings' Legacy

In his first season with the Red Wings after spending six years with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Justin Holl clearly has the enthusiasm to match his skills. When speaking about joining this iconic team, he stated, “It seems like we've got a great group here and I'm excited to get going.”

Donning the Red Wings jersey, especially given its Original Six legacy, holds significance. “I obviously am very proud to play for an original 6th franchise like the Detroit Red Wings and … it's just really cool to put on that jersey.”

On adapting to the new defense strategies in Detroit, Holl elaborated, “Yeah, there's certain predictable plays we call them. So just being on top of those and knowing exactly where you're supposed to be at all times.” He continued, “It's … something that's an adjustment. And we all know what he's looking for. But obviously, when you're thinking during games, you want to just become second nature. So we're working towards that and I think it'll be good.”

Emphasizing their playing style, Holl added, “I think being hard to play against, playing with a little grit. And at the same time, trying to defend by not playing defense. You know, moving the puck up ice and driving the play in the right direction.”

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Dylan Larkin: Unity and Anticipation

As the captain of the Red Wings, Dylan Larkin, entering his 9th year with the team, has seen the squad evolve. Offering insights into the team's composition, he commented, “You know, we have a little bit of everything. Right shot, left shot, we got a good mix.”

Larkin is optimistic about the season ahead. “Everyone's record right now is 0-0-0 points, so no one's proved anything. We have to go out there on Thursday, and it's a great test to start New Jersey on the road, … we get to show how relentless our forechecking and … how tight we want to be on top of those guys.”

Reflecting on the past and the present, Larkin added, “I think last year was all new. Even this week, before the season last year, we were going through systems and it was still learning. Right now, we're just fine-tuning things and getting ready to go. There's not that much of an adjustment period as compared to last year”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Justin Holl, a recent addition to the Red Wings, expresses enthusiasm for playing with the team and discusses adjustments to the new defense system.
  2. Captain Dylan Larkin highlights the unity in the team and discusses their readiness for the upcoming season.
  3. Dylan Larkin also discusses their readiness for the upcoming season.

Final Thoughts

As Detroit looks to make its mark on the Red Wings 2023 season, players reflect on their preparations and expectations. The mix of seasoned veterans like Dylan Larkin and new additions like Justin Holl offers promise. With the evolving dynamics of the team, it's shaping up to be an exciting year for the Red Wings and their fans.