Detroit Red Wings’ 2023 Season Outlook: What Coach Lalonde is Really Saying

What can fans expect from the Detroit Red Wings' 2023 season? Lalonde spills the beans on preparations, hopes, and the playoff chase.
Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings' 2023 Season

Detroit Red Wings' 2023 Season: New Faces, Renewed Hopes, and the Playoff Chase

Is a comeback possible for the Detroit Red Wings‘ 2023 season? After last season, it's clear they've got something to prove. With some new talent in the mix and lessons learned from past seasons, there's a blend of caution and genuine excitement in the air.

What's the Coach Saying?

Coach Derek Lalonde isn't handing out any guarantees, but he's excited to see how it all unfolds, remarking, “I don’t know if we’re a playoff team, but we’re gonna have a heck of a lot of fun finding out.”

Can the Red Wings clinch a Stanley Cup playoff spot for the first time since 2016? The team is undeniably more skilled and well-rounded, but the Atlantic Division's intense competition could prove to be a formidable obstacle.

The Red Wings have some work to do according to Lalonde, “Exactly where we were last year through three-quarters of the season. We were right there because we were playing the right way. Now we have to get there again.”

Players Weigh In on Detroit Red Wings' 2023 season

Defenseman Olli Maatta is all in, sharing the buzz in the locker room, “Everybody is just excited to get started and see what we got.”

“I think we’re going to defend better,” Maatta continued. “We have lots of skill. I think playing with the puck, playing in the offensive zone. I think we can take control of games better.”

David Perron, weighing in about their preseason game, said, “The preseason stuff, it’s hard to read too much into it. We didn’t play too many lineups that were good as far as all the guys.”

The recent additions to the lineup have helped reshape the team's core, and while this fresh setup looks promising, the true test will unfold as the season progresses.

Olli Maatta

Last Season's Reality Check

Last year felt like their year, right up until it didn't. They were so close to that playoff spot, but, when the going got tough, they couldn't maintain their momentum. David Perron didn't sugarcoat it. “We didn’t prove much last year but I do think we made some strides. We had those moments where we felt like the games were getting bigger and bigger and then we didn’t have enough.”

With last season's finish, the guys need to bag a few extra wins this year to be back in the playoff chat. But, with the Atlantic Division looking tough as nails, they've got their work cut out.

Hope on the Horizon for Detroit Red Wings' 2023 season?

It's a new day, a new season. And with the new roster, the vibe's different.

And the objective remains the same – aiming for a spot in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's a position they haven't been in since 2016. Coach Derek Lalonde remains hopeful but realistic. “Of course [the playoffs] it’s a goal,” Lalonde said. “It’s been a goal of hockey for the last 100 years. But playing the right way, and establishing an identity, creating a little bit of a process will give us a chance to talk about that.”

Final Thoughts

The Red Wings are navigating a transitional phase. As they lace up their skates and gear up for the season, the weight of history, hope, and ambition rests on their shoulders. They have the talent and the potential. The challenge is converting that into results on the ice.