Detroit Tigers A.J. Hinch explains Alex Faedo decision

A.J. Hinch spoke to the media prior to Monday's game and he explained the team's decision regarding Alex Faedo.

Following a sparkling six-scoreless innings performance on Sunday that secured the Detroit Tigers a victory against the San Diego Padres, the star of the game, Alex Faedo, was promptly sent back to Triple-A Toledo. Surprising as it may seem, given Faedo's recent display of prowess, the decision by manager A.J. Hinch was driven more by strategic necessity than a reflection of Faedo's skills.

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Detroit Tigers A.J. Hinch explains Alex Faedo decision

Hinch acknowledged the rarity of such a move following a scoreless game but stressed that the decision was in no way indicative of Faedo's capabilities or potential. The decision to bolster the bullpen gained even more weight when Mason Englert was added to the 15-day IL due to left hip tightness.

“We don't have an off day until next Monday after Miami, so we made the decision to try to fortify the bullpen and bring up fresh arms,” A.J. Hinch said. “It's done all the time. It's rarely done after six scoreless, but as I told him, he did nothing but continue to convince us that he deserves more opportunity when it opens up.”

Key Points

  • Alex Faedo was sent to Triple-A Toledo despite a strong performance.
  • The Tigers are bracing for a grueling schedule with no off days.
  • The team needs to fortify the bullpen and bring fresh arms.
  • Hinch insists Faedo has proved he deserves more opportunities.
  • Mason Englert's addition to the 15-day IL adds urgency to fortify the bullpen.
Alex Faedo Detroit Tigers A.J. Hinch

Bottom Line – Pitching Decisions Beyond the Mound

The Detroit Tigers' decision to send Faedo back to Triple-A Toledo highlights the strategic complexities inherent to the game of baseball. Even amidst celebrations of excellent individual performances, the strategic needs of the team often dictate otherwise. However, as Hinch stressed, a detour to the minors shouldn't be misconstrued as a step back for a talented player like Faedo. After all, it's all part of the larger game – one that, beyond individual victories, aims for the roar of the team's overall success.


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