Detroit Tigers’ Vs. Seattle Mariners Loss Recap

The Detroit Tigers finished their season againstthe Seattle Mariners and lost 3 of 4 games. A.J. Reilly looks at the series and what led to their first series loss since September 19th!

Detroit Tigers Vs. Seattle Mariners Recap

A.J. Reilly: Now let's talk about the Detroit Tigers and let's talk about their series with the Seattle Mariners. It was a four game series, played over three games and they got swept in a double header, which sucks because they got swept in a double header where a pitch position pitcher pitched the top of the 10th inning.

Like that's not a good way to lose, but. Still, we, I'm not gonna be mad about the fact that they lost to a playoff team. They won. Game won. Really scratched and clawed, won that game. Did exactly what they needed to do. Torkelson hit a bomb. Reyes hit a bomb. It, the power surge this weekend was Crazy.

Kody Clemens with the Grand Slam in game two with a double header, like just crazy, crazy things. Adding to their league. Worst 110 total home runs, which we're also gonna talk about in the next segment. But the first game of the double header, they lost to a position player pitching in the top of the 10th inning.

Guy on second base, you only scored one run off a position player. Torrens the catcher who ended up catching game two, where in game two, Elvin Rodriguez was tasked with wearing it. Will Vest was not good. He made the start for the Detroit Tigers and did he only got two outs in the first inning. They had to bring in Elvin Rodriguez, who pitched pretty well, but gave up way too many runs.

And he's had a very rough go as far as things have gone this season. In game three they lost or in game four, I'm sorry, they lost in walk off fashion. Ty France beat 'em five to four in the bottom of the ninth. Again, not a great way to end the season, but they finished the season at 66 and 96. 11 and five in their last 16, and they only lost one of their final five series, like they played pretty well towards the end of the season, and that is a really good thing and encouraging sign.

Again, Jack Moore said that, things can carry over to the next season. I don't believe that. I don't buy the fact that momentum can carry you over into a next season, but at the end of the day, it was nice to see, kind of removes a little bit of the bad taste that. Goes into the model when you're, this bad throughout the year.

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