Dominik Eberle has ‘no excuses’ for horrific debut with Detroit Lions

On Sunday, Dominik Eberle had a horrific debut as the Detroit Lions kicker but he has 'no excuses' for his underwhelming performance.

When Detroit Lions kicker Dominik Eberle went to bed on Saturday night, you can bet he did his best to visualize himself kicking the game-winning field goal on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Unfortunately, regardless of what he visualized the night before, Eberle did not come through on Sunday as he missed a pair of extra points and picked up a penalty for sending a kickoff out of bounds during the Lions' 48-45 loss to the Seahawks.

What did Dominik Eberle say following his horrific performance?

Following the game, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press caught up with Dominik Eberle and the Lions kicker said he has “no excuses.”

“Just missed them,” he told the Free Press in the locker room after the game. “No excuses. I just missed them. Got to make them. That’s all.”

Despite his struggles on Sunday, Eberle is focused on moving forward.

“I’m mad at myself for the performance for sure but I’m going to keep my head high,” he said. “I know I can make those kicks. And that’s all I really can do. I can just focus on the next one.”

The Detroit Lions will be hoping to get Austin Seibert back

The reason why Dominick Eberle was in the lineup on Sunday is that starting kicker Austin Seibert is currently dealing with a groin injury.

The hope for the Lions is that Seibert is able to get back into the lineup as soon as possible.

Don't be surprised at all if Eberle is looking for a new job very soon because it will be very hard for Lions head coach Dan Campbell to trust him moving forward.