Eli Zaret: Martha Ford has had multiple meetings to sell Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are currently 3-10-1 and there has been a growing number of fans that believe owner Martha Ford should sell the team.

Now, let’s be clear. It is highly unlikely that Ford sells the Lions because of financial reasons related to capital gains taxes but that does not mean it will not eventually happen.

That being said, on the latest episode (Dec. 16) of the No Filter Sports podcast, Eli Zaret (Detroit TV news lead sports anchor) made a bold prediction that will have many Lions fans excited.

About 1:30 into the podcast, Zaret drops a bold prediction that caught our attention.

Zaret claims to have a friend who is “one step removed from the actual source” who says he should predict that Jeff Bezos will buy the Lions within the next year.

“One step removed from the actual source, but the step is a friend who I trust totally and tells me to make this prediction. In 2020, Jeff Bezos will buy the Lions,” Zaret said.

Zaret also noted that Bezos has been in Detroit at least twice to have “serious conversations” about buying the Lions.

Bezos, of course, is the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon and according to reports, he is worth over 100 billion.

Nation, would you be ok with Bezos buying Lions?

Written by Arnold Powell


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