ESPN’s Rachel Nichols: The Detroit Pistons are “stuck in the middle”

ESPN's Rachel Nichols recently did a segment regarding the Detroit Pistons in which she declared them to be “stuck in the middle” of things in the NBA.

What exactly is “the middle”, you might ask?

“Not quite enough talent to compete for anything substantial, and not enough ineptitude to be one of those teams who's front offices seem to be assembling rosters by calling numbers off a bingo card,” she described.

“It was just a little more than a decade ago that Detroit was finishing a run of six consecutive Eastern Conference Finals appearances,” she continued. “It was a run that included an NBA title and unparalleled fan support with historic attendance numbers. But then, Joe Dumars decided losing in the Conference Finals wasn't good enough – so he fired Flip Saunders and trade Chauncey Billups to shake things up.”

“And it did – just not the way he intended.

Check out her full comments for yourself – is she right?