Fan creates saddest Detroit Lions Christmas ornament you will ever see

For over 60 years, the Detroit Lions have failed us.

They have failed to compete for a Super Bowl and along the way, they have made millions of fans miserable.

Well, one Lions fan decided it would be a good idea to create a Christmas ornament to help pay for his sorrows.

Check it out.

Detroit Lions

From 97.1 The Ticket:

Josh Gauci made the ornament with a laser cutter. Besides helping him pay off the laser cutter Gauci talked about why he made the ornament, “as a long-time Lions fan we have gone through a lot and I think the agony we have felt over the years has caused us to embrace the humor surrounding what we have gone through as fans. The community surrounding it has created some amazing memes and this was based on a popular one that is used too often.”

Gauci is selling them on his Etsy store for $13.

Nation, are you going to buy one of these?