Fantasy Football Advice Week 4 Sleeper’s Sleepers

Fantasy Football Sleepers’ Sleepers Week 4

The DSN Fantasy Factory is back with fantasy football advice. We have three more guys, mostly Jets, who you MUST target on your fantasy football waiver wire in Week Four.

Week Four Sleepers’ Sleepers

Dylan Bair: Hello everybody and welcome back to some Sleepers Sleepers. I have a very exciting week four for everybody. The Fane season is going right along. We have some players who are coming back who we may want to be paying attention to this week. We have a very specific theme in mind this week. You’re gonna see it right away.

First and foremost, we have Tyler Conklin at the tight end. If you are weak in the tight end position, very important for you to look at it. Look at the target share. That Conklin has been having without Zach Wilson. Tyler Conklin has been kind of a safety valve and as you see for percentages of ownership, very low.

I will tell you after this week, he’s probably not gonna be available for that. So whether it’s a waiver, order, or if you’re higher up on the waiver list in case your season hasn’t gone great so far. Or if you are in the bidding portion of this, I think he’s as high as a $15 bid on your waiver wire. I would take Tyler Conklin absolutely as the number one tight end off the board this week for waivers, and part of that is because the MILF Destroyer is here.

Zach Wilson is finally showing up. Robert Sola said that he is playing, and this offense has looked somewhat okay under Joe Flacco. I mean, Joe Flacco for fantasy football advice purposes through the first two weeks, at least before this last disastrous week, was actually looking alright. And so Zach Wilson, ownership obviously is really low.

He’s coming back into it, especially if you run a Superflex. Absolutely. Add in Zach Wilson here. I think that he may wind up surprising, kind of reinvigorating an offense where he has actually quite a bit of weapon. Not only does he have Conklin, as I just mentioned, but he also has Elijah Moore. He has Corey Davis.

Garrett Wilson has looked really solid through the first three weeks of the season. He also has Bruce Hall and Michael Carter. They are weapons on weapons for him, and so we will see. Coming up in this first week, I would grab him just in case he pops off especially if you’re in a super flex league, you gotta grab the mill lover here.

That is Zach Wilson. You gotta grab him. . And lastly, our third Sleeper, Sleeper four. The week is going to be Romeo Doubs as I’m calling him because he, it very much starting to look like Aaron Rogers is finally getting the feel of who his target’s going to be. It’s definitely not Randall Cobb at 47 years old.

It’s going to be Romeo Doubs. Doubs himself ownership is actually really low, but as you can see over on, wrong hand over on this side of me, you can see in the week three matchup against the Tampa Bay defense. That has been really solid, really good. The connection is starting to get there, and this is a, everybody knows this is kind of how Aaron Rogers works.

He gets really suspect in the first week of the season. Then he beats on my Chicago Bears. Till they die. And then after that, he starts to kind of start churning. And I really see Romeo Doubs as somebody who you absolutely, if you’re adding in an excellent flex or wide receiver three spot. So Romeo Doubs is going to be my third, wrapping all this up again, just a real quick recap. 

We got ourselves, Tyler Conklin tied in number one off the board. Part of the reason is that Zach Wilson is back baby, and he is gonna be slinging the ball with fantastic weapons all over the field. I fully expected New York Jets to be a lot more competitive with him in at

quarterback and then we have Romeo Doubs who is looking like he finally has the rapport with Aaron Rogers and could become the wide receiver one in that offense in a contending team in the NFC. No reason not to grab him for a wide receiver. Three flex spot. Join us for more fantasy football advice every week at DSN’s Fantasy Factory.

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