Fantasy Football guru Matthew Berry makes shocking announcement

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Matthew Berry

If you play fantasy football, we can almost guarantee that you have heard of ESPN’s fantasy football guru, Matthew Berry.

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Well, on Monday, Berry took to Twitter to announce that after 15 years of service, he is leaving ESPN.

Here is some of what Berry had to say in his statement:

“When I came to the company in 2007, fantasy football was a niche of a niche, and ESPN was way behind the market leader. And now, many years later, I am so incredibly proud of all the work we have done together to bring fantasy football into the mainstream and, specifically, make ESPN the leading game and content destination for fantasy players everywhere,” Berry wrote in a statement.

“I feel truly blessed to have worked alongside countless talented, dedicated and passionate colleagues supported by management who understood what fantasy sports meant to our fans.”

“On a professional level, ESPN gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write and talk fantasy sports on every possible ESPN platform,” he wrote. “On a personal level, ESPN is where I made lifelong friends, met my wife, and started my family. I am forever indebted to ESPN.

ESPN responds to Matthew Berry’s announcement

Following Matthew Berry’s announcement that he is leaving, ESPN released the following statement:

“Matthew Berry expressed a desire to explore new opportunities beyond ESPN. After discussing it with him, we agreed to support it,” ESPN said in a statement. “Since joining 15 years ago, Matthew has provided a distinctive and creative voice and been a catalyst in the proliferation of fantasy sports. He is dedicated and talented, and we wish him the best in his next endeavor.”

Nowhere in his statement did Berry reveal what is next for him in his career but you can bet he has something up his sleeve and we will soon find out exactly what that is.

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