#FireAvila trends on Twitter following Detroit Tigers first round pick

When the Detroit Tigers were on the clock with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, they had a golden opportunity to select SS Marcelo Mayer after both the Pirates and Rangers passed on him.

But, instead of taking who many had slotted as the No. 1 overall prospect in this year’s draft, Tigers GM Al Avila decided to select high school pitcher, Jackson Jobe.

Following the pick, a plethora of Tigers fans took to Twitter to bash Avila for his decision.

In fact, so many took to Twitter that #FireAvila began trending within minutes of the pick.

Nation, what do you think about the Tigers passing on Mayer?

10 thoughts on “#FireAvila trends on Twitter following Detroit Tigers first round pick”

    • Trade him before the deadline. He’s made the 3 worst trades and free agent signings EVER. They paid Houston to take Verlander got Perez who NEVER pitched. Paid Pelfrey & Zimmerman two has been ridiculous salaries, could have kept Iglesias, Castellanos, & JD(Nick & JD top 5 hitters)

  1. After witnessing the bullpen debacle this weekend, we should draft all pitchers and trade them for position players as they develop.

  2. The forever collapse of the Tigers bullpen is exactly why Avila needs to go!! He had yet to make a good trade or stableize a team that could be good with Hench as manager. Every single time we need a bullpen it goest to hell in a basket. He simply is NOT a good baseball leader. WE could be good, with someone who can make good trades- it ain’t him- bye bye Al.

  3. We could’ve have our All star shortstop for the next 20 years and yet we have to settle for a picther who just started pitching just last June and was only the 8th ranked project while Mayer was rated #1? He also blew with the Micheal Fuller which we would’ve received Baez from the Cubs and Bergmann from the Astros. He needs to fire now.

  4. Avila has made bad decisions since he’s been with the tigers organization. It was a no brainer he should of took Mayer!!!

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