Fired Up Adam Schefter blasts Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

Fired Up Adam Schefter blasts Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson [Video]

Fired Up Adam Schefter blasts Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

In a narrative twist that captured the NFL's attention, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has found himself at the center of controversy following his decision to withdraw from the Washington Commanders‘ coaching search. Despite being a strong candidate, Johnson opted to stay with the Lions, aiming for a Super Bowl victory. However, the manner of his withdrawal—specifically the timing—drew sharp criticism from NFL insider Adam Schefter during an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

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Adam Schefter Does Not Hold Back on Ben Johnson

Schefter condemned Johnson's decision to pull out of the job interview with the Commanders' ownership en route to Detroit, suggesting a lack of professional courtesy and transparency in the process.

“Ben Johnson is entitled to do and stay wherever he wants,” Schefter said. “Where it becomes an issue I think is this, if you know you’re pulling out of that job and you’re withdrawing your name from consideration, all good. No issues. There’s a time to do it. When the Washington ownership group is not in the air on the way to see you in Detroit. … If you know you don’t want that job and you’ve committed to talking to these people, who have spent weeks doing diligence on you and investigating the possibility of hiring, why would you not just sit down with them when your season is over? 

“Listen to them for two hours. Say, ‘well Mr. Harris, Mr. Rales, very impressive. I want to wish you the best of luck. Good luck with everything. Thank you for coming to Detroit. I’m very happy here, I’m going to stay.’” 

“The Commanders found out in midair at the same time that they were getting a text from an agent,” Schefter continued. “It was like something that was done in advance or there was any warning. There were media reports that one person on the plane turned to another and asked, ‘Is this true? He’s not interviewing with us anymore?’”

This incident, highlighted by Schefter's unusually passionate critique, not only left the Commanders in an awkward position but also raised questions about the ethical standards and communication practices within NFL coaching circles.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson stays with the Detroit Lions, rejecting the Washington Commanders.
  2. Adam Schefter criticizes Johnson's withdrawal timing as the Commanders’ ownership was mid-flight to Detroit.
  3. The incident sparks discussions on professional ethics and communication in the NFL.
Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

The Bottom Line – A Lesson in Professionalism

Ultimately, the saga of Ben Johnson‘s coaching decision serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between personal ambition and professional responsibility. While Johnson's commitment to the Detroit Lions and pursuit of a Super Bowl victory is commendable, the manner in which his withdrawal was handled has sparked a necessary conversation about how such decisions should be communicated.

In the world of NFL coaching, where opportunities are coveted and relationships are key, the incident reaffirms the value of transparency and respect as foundational pillars of professional integrity. As the dust settles, both Johnson and the wider NFL community may well reflect on this episode as a learning opportunity, reinforcing the ethos that how one makes a decision is just as important as the decision itself.

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