Former Detroit Lions WR Kenny Golladay lands workout

Former Detroit Lions WR Kenny Golladay lands workout: Will Golladay land a contract?

Former Detroit Lions WR Kenny Golladay lands workout

Kenny Golladay, once a hidden gem with the Detroit Lions, is now on a quest to reignite his NFL journey with the New York Jets. According to a report from NFL insider Tom Pelissero, Golladay recently worked out for the Jets. Pelissero added that Golladay, at least as of now, has not signed a contract with the Jets.

Kenny Golladay lands workout

Why it Matters

The 29-year-old wideout previously donned the colors of the New York Giants after signing a massive four-year, $72 million deal with $40 million in guarantees in 2021. However, his stint with the Giants was plagued by injuries and inconsistencies, leading to a mere two-season stay where he appeared in just 26 games between 2021 and 2022.

During his tenure with the Giants, Golladay's production dipped as he hauled in just 43 receptions for 602 receiving yards and a single touchdown pass. This was a stark contrast to his early years in Detroit, where he emerged as a big-play threat. In his first four seasons as a Lion, Golladay caught 226 passes for 3,670 receiving yards and 21 touchdowns, showcasing his ability to be a game-changer on the field.

Kenny Golladay A Detroit Lions Thought Kenny Golladay lands workout

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay is seeking a fresh start with the New York Jets.
  2. Golladay's stint with the New York Giants was marred by injuries and inconsistencies, leading to his release earlier this year.
  3. Despite a workout with the Jets, there is no confirmed signing at this time.

Bottom Line – Kenny Golladay's NFL Odyssey Continues

As the NFL season unfolds, Kenny Golladay's quest for a return to form continues. Whether or not he secures a spot with the New York Jets remains uncertain, but his journey serves as a reminder that in the world of professional football, the pursuit of excellence is an ever-evolving adventure, filled with twists and turns. There is no question about it that Golladay has the talent to play in the NFL, but can he ever get back to where he was during his time with the Lions? Time will tell.

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