Former NFL agent reveals what Detroit Lions may have to pay Jared Goff to keep him around

Former NFL agent reveals what Detroit Lions may have to pay Jared Goff to keep him around.

Former NFL agent reveals what Detroit Lions may have to pay Jared Goff to keep him around

The Detroit Lions are at a pivotal juncture this offseason, with the primary focus being the future of quarterback Jared Goff. After an impressive 2023 season, speculation is rife about Goff’s potential contract extension. Former NFL agent Joel Corry offers his expert insight into what Goff’s new deal might entail, considering the current quarterback market. This analysis is crucial as it not only affects the Lions' salary cap but also signals the team's long-term commitment to Goff, who has significantly turned around his performance and public perception since joining the Lions.

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Assessing Goff's Market Value

Jared Goff's trajectory with the Detroit Lions represents a remarkable turnaround, especially when considering his initial perception as a salary cap buyout in the trade from the Los Angeles Rams. Goff's performance in the 2023 season has not only reinstated his status as a top-tier quarterback but also raised important questions about his worth in the current NFL quarterback market. Corry's analysis situates Goff amongst the league's elite, indicating that his next contract could potentially place him in the prestigious $50 million per year club.

From CBS Sports:

Prior to losing to the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, in the NFC title game, reports surfaced that the Lions and Goff's camp would work on a contract extension during the offseason to make him one of the league's highest-paid players. Goff is scheduled to be paid $27,950,064 in 2024, the final year of his contract, on a $32,950,064 salary cap number. The $27,950,064 consists of a $22,950,064 2024 base salary, which includes the $975,000 in escalators Goff earned because of 2023 performance, as well as a $5 million second day of the 2024 league year roster bonus.

Goff should benefit from the quarterback market exploding in 2023. Four different quarterbacks (Jalen HurtsEaglesLamar JacksonRavensJustin Herbert, Chargers and Joe BurrowBengals) raised the bar for NFL salaries in 2023 with deals in excess of $50 million per year.

Whether Detroit's idea of one of the NFL's highest-paid players means that Goff joins Burrow, Herbert, Hurts and Jackson in the $50 million per year club remains to be seen. The average yearly salary of the league's 10 highest-paid players isn't too far behind. It's a little more than $48 million per year with the average contract length being 5.4 new years. The average guarantees for the top 10 are just over $181.5 million with slightly more than $131.25 million fully guaranteed at signing.

Why it Matters

This scenario presents the Lions with both a challenge and an opportunity as they navigate the complexities of the salary cap while aiming to retain their key player. Goff's contract discussions will be a litmus test of the Lions' valuation of his talent and their vision for the team's future.

Goff expressed his desire to stay in Detroit long term but indicated it was out of his control. “It's not up to me,” Goff said. “I love this place, and we'll see what happens as time goes on here. But yeah, I love this place, and love Dan and all the coaches and all my teammates. It's out of my hands, it's up to my representatives and obviously the people upstairs (in the front office).”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Impressive Turnaround: Jared Goff has made a notable comeback with the Lions, leading them to a division title with outstanding personal stats.
  2. Contract Speculation: Former NFL agent Joel Corry predicts Goff could join the elite $50 million per year quarterback club.
  3. Market Comparisons: Current trends suggest the average yearly salary of the NFL’s top-paid players is around $48 million, setting a benchmark for Goff’s potential deal.

The Bottom Line – Balancing Talent and Cost

The discussion surrounding Jared Goff's potential contract extension with the Detroit Lions is more than just about numbers; it's a strategic decision that will define the team's trajectory in the coming years. If Goff joins the $50 million per year club, it will be a testament to his remarkable comeback and the faith the Lions have in his ability to lead the team to further success. However, this decision also needs to be balanced against the financial implications and the necessity of building a competitive team around him within the constraints of the NFL salary cap. As the Lions ponder this decision, they stand at a crossroads that will significantly impact their future direction and success in the league.

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