Frank Ragnow Says 2023 Detroit Lions Have ‘Freakin’ Grit Mentality’

Frank Ragnow says the past has been frustrating but the 2023 Detroit Lions have a 'Freakin' Grit mentality'.

Frank Ragnow Says 2023 Detroit Lions Have ‘Freakin’ Grit Mentality'

The Detroit Lions have experienced a significant lack of winning for decades, resulting in a culture synonymous with losing. With the entry of general manager Brad Holmes, coach Dan Campbell, and new owner Sheila Hamp, the team's trajectory took a radical positive turn. Center Frank Ragnow vividly recalls the prior hardships, but he is clearly fired up about the future.

Frank Ragnow 2023 Detroit Lions

What did Frank Ragnow Say?

During a recent interview with Dan Miller of FOX 2, Ragnow spoke about how the 2023 Detroit Lions have a ‘Freakin' Grit Mentality'.

“The years we’ve had in the past, it’s been tough. It’s been frustrating,” he told FOX 2’s Dan Miller.

“Just to have that standard and being able to work — because it’s new for me, right? For us to be able to keep our heads down and focus day in and day out with that standard has just been a cool different challenge for me,” Ragnow said. “It’s been cool how this team really kind of hasn’t wavered — taking it day by day and just kept that freakin’ grit mentality the whole time.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions transitioned from a culture of losing to one infused with optimism under new leadership.
  2. The shift in dynamic has brought increased attention and challenges for veterans like Frank Ragnow.
  3. Ragnow highlights the team's unwavering spirit and the ‘freakin’ grit mentality' they've upheld throughout.
Frank Ragnow 2023 Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – From Shadows to the Spotlight

In the end, while past struggles shape a team's legacy, it's their current actions and future aspirations that define them. (In other words, there is no such thing as ‘Same Old Lions') Ever since Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell came to town, the Detroit Lions have shown a rejuvenated spirit. They've risen from the shadows of past defeats, now shining brightly in the spotlight, with the promise of many more victories to come. Their journey serves as a testament to what can be achieved with determination, the right leadership, and, as Ragnow aptly puts it, a ‘freakin’ grit mentality.'