Glover Quin points out Jared Goff weakness that could end up costing Detroit Lions

Glover Quin points out Jared Goff weakness that could end up costing Detroit Lions a Super Bowl.

Glover Quin points out Jared Goff weakness that will end up costing Detroit Lions

Glover Quin, the former safety for the Detroit Lions, recently expressed concerns on the “Bleav in Lions” podcast about quarterback Jared Goff‘s leadership style, particularly his lack of vocal assertiveness. Quin's critique focuses on Goff's quiet demeanor, which he believes might hinder the Lions' long-term success, especially under high-pressure situations.

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What did Glover Quin say about Jared Goff

Jared Goff's tenure with the Lions has been statistically impressive, with 68 touchdowns and only 23 interceptions. However, Quin points out that despite a strong 9-3 record, Goff's more reserved leadership approach could be a liability for the team. Quin worries that Goff's quietness might fail to rally the team effectively during crucial game moments.

“When things start to slip, I don't know if I see him on the sideline galvanizing the guys. It is kinda like alright, we are just gonna go out there, and we will put a drive together,” said Quin. “You go through those lulls because you are dealing with many other players on the team. Maybe he can help in that regard by being a little more vocal in that situation.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Glover Quin's Critique: Former Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin voiced concerns about quarterback Jared Goff's leadership style on the “Bleav in Lions” podcast. He highlighted Goff's lack of vocal assertiveness, which he believes could limit the team's success, especially during critical moments in games.
  2. Goff's Performance vs. Leadership Style: While Jared Goff has demonstrated solid statistical performance with the Lions, boasting 68 touchdowns to 23 interceptions, Quin emphasizes the need for vocal leadership. He worries that Goff's quiet demeanor might not be enough to rally the team during challenging situations or when the team needs to maintain momentum.
  3. The Importance of Vocal Leadership in Football: Quin's comments underline the significance of vocal leadership in football, particularly for a quarterback. He suggests that the Lions could benefit from Goff taking a more active and vocal role in motivating and galvanizing his teammates, which is vital for teams aiming to contend for Super Bowl championships.
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The Bottom Line – The Voice of a Champion

Glover Quin's observations highlight an essential aspect of sports leadership: the ability to inspire and motivate teammates vocally. While Goff's on-field performance is commendable, Quin suggests that a more vocal approach could enhance the team's ability to build and sustain leads, crucial for teams aiming for Super Bowl glory. Do you agree with Quin? I believe quarterbacks can lead in different ways, and Jared Goff should continue to do what he is doing. There are other leaders on the team who also need to step up.