Golden Tate doubles down on his comments about Matthew Stafford

Back in July, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate came out with some interesting comments about Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

In a TV interview with WDIV in Detroit, Tate called Stafford the best QB he has played with.

“Stafford's been the best quarterback I've played with,” Tate told “The guy can flat out play, he's tough, and his attitude is amazing and he just wants to play ball. For me I have nothing but praises for him.”

Tate has also played with Russell Wilson in Seattle and Carson Wentz in Philadelphia, which caused some fans to call out the former Lions receiver.

Well, now Tate has doubled-down on his comments about Stafford, saying he could care less about what anyone else thinks.

From Detroit Free Press:

“Yeah, I caught some flack, but (screw) everybody,” Tate said. “(Screw) them. I don’t care. That’s my opinion. I’m allowed to have my opinion.”

Nation, do you agree with Tate? Is Stafford better than Russell Wilson?


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