Head coach/General manager combo gaining ‘a lot of traction’ with Detroit Lions

Who will be the next head coach of the Detroit Lions? Who will be the next general manager of the Detroit Lions?

Those are the two biggest questions (along with what they should do with Matthew Stafford) that the Lions face during this offseason and according to Jeff Risdon of RealGM, there is a GM/HC combo that “has a lot of traction” within the Lions’ team headquarters in Allen Park.

That combo is GM candidate Ed Dodds and HC candidate, Dan Campbell.

From Jeff Risdon, RealGM:

There are a lot of possibilities still out there, but as of Tuesday morning, there is a new clear front-runner. The combination of Colts assistant GM Ed Dodds and Saints assistant head coach/TE coach Dan Campbell has a lot of traction inside the team HQ in Allen Park. 

I’m intrigued by the potential. My stated preference, as anyone who has watched or listened to the Detroit Lions Podcast knows well, is for at least one of the combination to have actual experience at the job they’re being hired to do. The Lions haven’t hired a GM who had ever been one before in their history, dating back to the Portsmouth Spartans days. It might be sheer coincidence that the team has one postseason win since 1957, but that pathetically futile track record is enough to convince me to maybe try something different. 

Nation, would you like to see a Dodds/Campbell combo come to the Lions?

What do you think?

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