Herman Moore explains how Detroit Lions should handle Jameson Williams

Herman Moore explains how Detroit Lions should handle Jameson Williams

Detroit Lions rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams has been a topic of discussion among fans and former players, including Lions legend, Herman Moore. Williams, who was the 12th overall pick, hasn’t had the explosive start that many anticipated, but Moore recently explained how the Lions should handle Williams.

Herman Moore Provides Advice for Jameson Williams Herman Moore explains

A Methodical Fix

During a recent appearance on the Detroit Lions Podcast, Moore emphasized that Williams should transition from the outside to the slot, which would make him less predictable and more challenging for defenses. Moore suggests integrating shorter routes that can quickly get the ball into Williams’ hands, allowing him to exhibit his skills.

“I think he can be fixed very, not quickly, but I think it’d be done very methodically,” Moore said on the Detroit Lions Podcast (Via Sports Illustrated). “Here’s what I’d do if it were me, I would get him involved. I would move him to the slot. I’d take him from the outside. He’s too easy to defend as an outside guy,” said Moore. “Bring him to the slot occasionally. I don’t think he’s gonna find his thing. If you put him and St. Brown into the slots and you go split sets and two receiver sets on each side and you mirror your routes, you have a person who will defeat the one-on-one.”

Get Jamo More Involved

Moore’s recommendation is to get Williams more involved in the game, providing him with opportunities to touch the ball and grow as a player.

“I think he needs to get shorter routes, where you’re getting the ball in his hands really quickly,” Moore noted. “You look at Amon-Ra St. Brown, he finds holes in the zones. You’re asking him to come out of his shell, to come out of the flatness that he’s in, only on big routes, big plays. That is the lowest-percentage completion that you can have. You’re not gonna build his confidence, you’re gonna continue to destroy it.” 

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Back to What Worked in College

Moore has noticed that the Lions are not using Jameson Williams like he was used when he played at Alabama. He suggests putting the ball in his hands and letting him do what he does best.

“Put the ball in his hands, give him the opportunity to make some moves in the open like he did when he was in college. But, also, he’s gonna get some catches under his belt. He’s got to touch the ball,” said Moore. “If you’re not gonna let him touch the ball right now and be a part of beating a one-on-one, or having really quick routes where he can get in and out of cuts, he’s gonna be a story. 

“I’m saying that because, I’m telling you, I can see where he’s lacking in his confidence. If his confidence is only gonna grow from deep balls and touchdowns, that’s awful,” Moore continued. “That’s not who he is. So, that’s what I would be doing right now, treat him like I would treat a St. Brown and I think the effectiveness that we’ve seen with St. Brown, you’d get another person who’s just as good, who’s faster and who can make those type of plays happen. I would love to see what a combination of that would look like.”

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Herman Moore, a former Detroit Lions wide receiver, offers valuable advice on how to enhance the performance of rookie receiver Jameson Williams.
  2. Williams, the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, has struggled to replicate his college success in the NFL due to underutilization.
  3. Moore’s insights not only benefit Williams but also reflect the league’s commitment to nurturing young talents as they make their transition to professional football.
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Bottom Line: A Legendary Perspective

Herman Moore’s advice is a testament to the NFL’s culture of mentorship and development. It highlights the collective effort within the league to ensure that rookies have the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach their potential. As Williams continues his journey, the lessons from a legend like Moore can play a pivotal role in his success.

Written by W.G. Brady

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