Hey Wolverines! Here’s WHY you’re gonna LOSE to Michigan State!

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The Michigan Wolverines have been very unimpressive in their first four games of the 2017 season. They barely beat a Florida team that had half the team suspended, and followed that up by leading Cincinnati by only THREE points in the third quarter, at home! After that closer-than-should-be game against the Bearcats, the Wolverines hosted Air Force and proceeded to scare the crap out of their fanbase by only leading 9-6 at halftime and 19-13 after three quarters. And then trailed Purdue at halftime before doing just enough to win in the fourth quarter. You get what I’m saying here: Michigan is not that good and can be beaten rather easily. Here are three of the MANY reasons Michigan will have their hearts broken AGAIN in their own backyard by their better-looking “little brother”.

The Wolverines have no quarterback – Look Wolverine fans, you can be ecstatic, or timid that John O’Korn is taking over for Wilton Speight, but the truth of the matter is, Speight won the job by being BETTER than O’Korn. That’s just facts, Harbaugh wouldn’t play Speight out of spite, he would play him because he was the better player. Well, Speight was not exactly lighting up defenses with his passing, throwing for only three touchdowns in three games, as well as two interceptions. O’Korn came in against Purdue and threw for a touchdown as well as a pick. So on the year your quarters literally have one less interception than touchdown passes. Meanwhile, our quarterback has thrown for eight touchdowns, rushed for two more, while throwing just two picks. Advantage SPARTANS.

Your lead running back has ONE touchdown – Ty Issac has been far and away the best running back at Michigan this year, and his yards per game are sort of impressive. But he has ONE, I say, ONE touchdown in four games this year. His lack of production in the red zone is a blemish on an already questionable offense, and against a Michigan State defense that has gained more and more confidence as the season has gone on, it’s going to be tough sledding for Issac or whoever is handed the ball. And with Michigan’s lack of ability to attack in the air, Sparty will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on the running backs early and often.

Mark Dantonio is BETTER than Jim Harbaugh – Yes I know Harbaugh ran away from Stanford the second the NFL came calling (get ready for him to do it again Michigan fans), and yes he took the San Francisco 49ers to three straight NFC Championship games and came within a fourth-and-goal stand of winning the Super Bowl. But that was mostly Colin Kaepernick’s athletic ability. As a collegiate head coach Harbaugh had ONE good season in the four years he was at Stanford. And yes he has taken Michigan to back-to-back 10-3 records, but he still can’t beat Ohio State, and how’d the Orange Bowl work out for him last year? Oh yeah, trailing 17-3 after the first quarter and never came all the way back. MEANWHILE, Dantonio has defeated Ohio State…

more than once,

Has won the Big Ten Championship more than once.

And also has won a New Years Day bowl game, again more than once.

So go ahead and continue to praise your false idol that is Jim Harbaugh, but come Saturday evening…

THAT famous look of having your hands on your head in shock and disbelief will be back and just as gratifying for the Spartan faithful. GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO BLOW!