Iowa QB Cade McNamara suffers injury

Iowa QB Cade McNamara suffers injury: Hopefully, this turns out to be nothing!

Iowa QB Cade McNamara suffers injury

According to a report from Scott Dochterman of The Athletic, Iowa quarterback Cade McNamara suffered what appears to be a knee injury during Saturday's practice. Dochterman says that “after McNamara scrambled he fell kind of weird with his right knee. He took himself out, then walked off the field and into the tunnel with Iowa's training staff.”

Video of McNamara Suffering Injury

Here is a video of when the reported injury took place:

Why it Matters

After clinching the Big Ten title for the Wolverines in 2021, McNamara found himself overshadowed by J.J. McCarthy, who beat him out for Michigan's starting QB spot in 2022. Subsequently, McNamara made the move to Iowa, with anticipations of him topping the quarterback depth chart this season. However, recent news just weeks away from the college football season's kick-off indicates that McNamara suffered a knee problem during fall camp, prompting an early exit from practice.

Cade McNamara suffers injury Iowa

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Iowa quarterback Cade McNamara reportedly sustained a potential knee injury during Saturday's practice.
  2. The injury occurred after McNamara took an unusual fall with his right knee during a scramble.
  3. Following the incident, McNamara removed himself from the practice and was escorted off the field by Iowa's training staff.

Bottom Line: Wishing Cade All The Best

Cade McNamara's recent injury during practice is concerning, especially given the nature of his fall. It's paramount to monitor updates on his condition. Hopefully, reports surface that he is just fine. We sincerely hope for a quick recovery and wish him all the best.