It’s time for Detroit Lions to sign the ‘Gould standard’

It is time for the Detroit Lions to end a training camp battle before it even gets started. Signing the 'Gould standard' would do just that.

The Detroit Lions, who are considered the frontrunners in the NFC North for the upcoming season, still have some gaps to fill in their roster. One area of concern, in my view, is the kicker position. While the team currently has Michael Badgley, John Parker Romo, and Riley Patterson, it's hard to trust any of them in high-pressure situations. That's why the Lions should seriously consider signing veteran kicker Robbie Gould, who is currently a free agent.

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Key Points

  • The Lions are favored to win the NFC North, but they still have areas of concern.
  • The kicker position is one of those areas, lacking a reliable and clutch performer.
  • Robbie Gould, a free-agent kicker, possesses the talent and experience to improve the team's kicking game.
  • Gould enjoyed a successful tenure with the Chicago Bears before joining the San Francisco 49ers.
  • The Lions should closely monitor Gould's availability and consider him as a top option if their current kicking competition falters.
  • Acting quickly is essential, as other teams may also express interest in signing Gould.

It's time for Detroit Lions to sign the ‘Gould standard'

Gould has an impressive track record, spending the majority of his career with the Chicago Bears before joining the San Francisco 49ers. With the Lions' kicking competition potentially faltering, Gould should be at the top of their list as a reliable option. The team shouldn't delay, as other teams may snatch him up if given the chance.

Bottom Line – Closing the Kicking Gap

The time has come for the Detroit Lions to make a decisive move and sign Robbie Gould. The team's current kicking competition is uncertain, and relying on unproven options could cost them vital points in critical moments. Gould's exceptional accuracy, consistency, and clutch performances position him as the ideal candidate to fill the Lions' kicking void. By securing his services, the team would bridge the gap between their current kicking situation and the reliability they need to excel. It's an opportunity they shouldn't let slip away, as Gould's availability may dwindle if other teams recognize his value. The Lions must act swiftly, ensuring their special teams unit is fortified and prepared to contribute to their overall success.