Jamaal Williams fires up Detroit Lions teammates with epic speech [Video]

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Jamaal Williams

The first week of Detroit Lions training camp is officially in the books and according to reports, there was a ton of energy each and every day from the Lions players and coaches. One player who showed a ton of energy and was extra fired up (not surprisingly) was running back, Jamaal Williams.

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Jamaal Williams fires up Detroit Lions teammates with epic speech

Here is the transcript of Jamaal Williams’ epic speech via Pride of Detroit:

(Note: There is some strong language in the speech you are about to read/listen to)

“Hey, we can only challenge each other. Everybody here, we challenge each other. Offense and defense, this is the best competition we’re going to get. Iron sharpens iron. It’s going to be easy in the game because we’re going against each other. I see too many dogs out here. Offense, we got too many dogs. Defense, you got too many dogs.

“We gonna keep goin. We gonna fight, and let the people know, ‘Don’t fuck with us. We the Lions. ‘ Whatever they think they know about us, they don’t know shit. Every time we go into a game, we gonna lock them fucking gates, and let them know, ‘You stuck with us, because we’re about to bury your ass.’”

Oh. My. Goodness! If you are not fired up after watching this, you may want to check to see if you have a pulse!

Below is the full video of the highlights from the first week of training camp, including Williams’ speech.

Training Camp Week One Highlights | Detroit Lions

Nation, do you agree with Jamaal Williams that playing against each other in practice is the best competition the Detroit Lions will face in 2022?

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