James Houston Update: Aaron Glenn gives latest on Detroit Lions linebacker

James Houston Update: Aaron Glenn gives latest on Detroit Lions linebacker.

James Houston Update: Aaron Glenn gives latest on Detroit Lions linebacker

Detroit Lions linebacker James Houston is on the brink of making his return to the field. Since suffering a fractured ankle in Week 2, Houston has been steadily working towards recovery, having resumed practice on December 28 and being activated to the 53-man roster last week. According to Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, Houston's return could be imminent, especially with the high-stakes NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers approaching.

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What did Aaron Glenn Say about James Houston?

The Lions have been cautiously managing Houston's return to ensure he is fully ready to contribute positively to the team's performance. The primary concern has been ensuring his ankle is structurally sound, as his position relies heavily on flexibility and strength. Glenn emphasizes the importance of protecting players from rushing back from injuries and acknowledges the medical team's role in guiding Houston's recovery.

“I think he’s very close,” Glenn said. “We want to protect the players from themselves for the most part. I do not take injuries lightly. Especially making sure we listen to the medical department to make sure we bring that player along exactly how he needs to come along. He’s doing a really good job in practice. You can tell he’s getting back to form where he was. And hopefully, we’ll get a chance to put that player on the field, so he can make some plays for us.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. James Houston is nearing his return to the Lions' lineup after recovering from an ankle fracture sustained in Week 2.
  2. The Lions' management has been cautious with Houston’s rehabilitation, emphasizing the need for his ankle to be fully healed due to the demands of his position.
  3. Houston’s potential return is timely as the Lions face the 49ers in the NFC Championship, where his edge rushing skills could be crucial for Detroit’s defensive strategy.
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The Bottom Line – Edge of a Breakthrough

The possible return of James Houston to the Detroit Lions lineup is more than just a player recovering from an injury; it's about a talented individual poised to make a significant impact at a crucial juncture in the team's journey. Houston's comeback story is not only a testament to his resilience and dedication but also reflects the Lions' thoughtful approach to player health and readiness. As the team stands on the cusp of potential NFC glory, Houston’s return could indeed be the edge they need to turn the tide in their favor.