Jared Goff explains what makes Detroit Lions’ offense so special

Jared Goff reveals what makes the Detroit Lions offense so special under offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has seen his career trajectory on the upswing following a seller 2022 season. A key player in this upswing has been Ben Johnson, who has ascended the ranks within the Lions coaching squad, graduating from passing game coordinator in 2021 to offensive coordinator a year later. Johnson's philosophy is simple, yet effective; empower Goff by leaning into his strengths and stepping away from what he doesn't prefer.

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Jared Goff explains what makes Detroit Lions' offense so special

Goff, speaking on Barstool Sports' “Pardon My Take” podcast, expressed his deep-seated appreciation for Johnson's faith in him and the freedom to exercise his decision-making prowess on the field. He revealed how the offensive coordinator trusts him with the reins of the offense, allowing him to unleash his creativity and assume full responsibility.

“I think he allows for me personally to kind of be creative and I get a lot of decision making capabilities at the line of scrimmage,” Goff said. “He puts a lot in my hands, a lot on my plate and allows me to play quarterback and and really direct the offense.”

Echoing the aggressive demeanor of Johnson and head coach Dan Campbell, Goff detailed how this mindset has seeped into the Lions' offense, enabling them to explore innovative strategies that are still grounded in solid football principles.

“He's very aggressive. Obviously Dan (Campbell's) very aggressive. We kind of take on that personality as an offense, and being able to do creative things that are actually sound and good, football is a lot of fun.”

Key Points

  • Goff attributes his successful stint with the Lions to Ben Johnson's unconventional coaching methods.
  • Johnson's faith in Goff and his decision-making abilities have rejuvenated the quarterback's career.
  • The aggressive approach of Johnson and Campbell has shaped the team's offensive strategy, leading to creative and efficient plays.
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Bottom Line – The Lions Offense is Ready to Roar in 2023

Jared Goff’s revitalization under the Detroit Lions’ current coaching system is a testament to the effectiveness of Johnson's unconventional methods. The freedom, creativity, and responsibility bestowed upon Goff have not only reinvigorated his career but also injected a fresh dynamism into the Lions’ offense. This exciting development underscores the idea that sometimes, to make something special, you need to color outside the conventional lines. For the Detroit Lions, the future looks more promising than ever, and fans have every reason to keep their roars louder and prouder.