Jared Goff weighs in on Jameson Williams’ love for Lamar Jackson

On Tuesday, Jared Goff was asked about whether or not he took offense to Jameson Williams 'liking' a suggestion that the Detroit Lions trade for Lamar Jackson.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff responded positively to his teammate Jameson Williams‘ social media post expressing admiration for Lamar Jackson and the suggestion that the Lions trade for him. Williams' social media activities have faced scrutiny in the past, including liking a post about needing more playing time. However, Williams clarified that his post about Jackson was not meant as a dig at Goff and emphasized that he respects Goff and their ongoing relationship.

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Key Points

  • Goff supports Williams' admiration for Lamar.
  • Goff dismisses any offense, highlighting his strong bond with Williams.
  • Williams' social media activity has faced scrutiny, but he clarifies it wasn't directed at Goff.
  • Williams has participated in throwing sessions with Goff and actively engaged in the Lions' offensive preparations.
  • Goff emphasizes the significance of developing chemistry and effective communication with Williams.
  • Both players are optimistic about their partnership and the impact they can make on the field.

Jared Goff weighs in on Jameson Williams' love for Lamar Jackson

Goff brushed off any offense, stating that he has his own preferred receivers but values his connection with Williams and looks forward to an exciting season together.

“You guys are bored, huh?” Goff said Tuesday on the first day of mandatory minicamp. “Yeah, it’s all right. He likes Lamar, that’s OK. I’ve got a lot of receivers I like but I love Jamo and we’re going to have a lot of fun this year.”

Big Picture: Fostering Connection and Trust

Despite Williams' suspension for violating the NFL's gambling policy, he has participated in throwing sessions with Goff and has been actively involved in the Lions' offensive preparations for the upcoming season. Goff acknowledged the importance of building chemistry with Williams, expressing his commitment to effective communication and mutual understanding.

“He’s done a great job and we just constantly communicate,” Goff said. “This is the same thing, conversation I had last year about DJ (Chark) and the year before with the new guys I was playing with then. It’s the same thing. You work with them and communicate. You tell them what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re seeing. He tells me the same thing. We get on the same page.”

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The Bottom Line – Uniting Talents for Triumph

Goff's supportive response to Jameson Williams' admiration for Lamar Jackson showcases the maturity and camaraderie within the Detroit Lions. Despite external scrutiny, Goff and Williams prioritize building a strong connection and effective communication. Their commitment to fostering trust and understanding sets the stage for a successful offensive partnership. As they continue to work together and develop their chemistry, their combined talents have the potential to elevate the Lions' offense and contribute to the team's overall triumph.