Jim Harbaugh comments on horse-crap call during Michigan’s win over Indiana

If you happened to tune in for Saturday's game between Michigan and Indiana, there is no way you watched the first half and did not leave thinking about how bad the referees were. Well, it sounds like Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh was not too happy either.

During the game, Michigan EDGE Jaylen Harrell picked up a sack and after making a gesture as if he was wiping his brow, he was called for an unsportsmanlike penalty.

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Check it out.

What did Jim Harbaugh say about the awful call?

Following the game, Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media about the awful call against Jaylen Harrell. He said the officials tried to equate it to a throat slash, which is absurd.

Yeah. I could tell with what the referee saw, but I mean, it was one of those — wipe the brow. Which I guess you can’t do anything. That was the message that I got back. I mean, he can’t do anything of any nature. And I pointed out a few other ways that players signal first down and there’s things. I mean, I think he’s kind of equating it to some kind of throat slash, but it certainly wasn’t and as I said, that was called really tight on that one.

Via Isaiah Hole – Wolverines Wire

Harbaugh added that the explanation he was given by the referees was inconsistent with what goes on during a football game.

And yeah, just continue to keep coaching it. We coach that one big time. No celebrations, you can’t bring any attention on yourself. That’s what the rule, was the explanation I got. Which seems inconsistent, because you see a lot of, at times, attention being brought to somebody’s self for the rest of the game. Not for us. All we can do is do better, not give any kind of close to where it could be — don’t leave that to any type of a judgment call is our message

Nation, what are your thoughts about the officiating during Saturday's game between Michigan and Indiana?

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